Some More Content Ideas

Quality content. Yes, I’m bored with the term too, but we can’t escape the truth; quality content works and it’s what we should all be working towards to drive our campaigns forward.

Here are some more ideas for getting that awesome content, changing it up a bit and escaping the ‘norm’.


I’m not talking simple, easy interviews; I’m talking, go out on a limb. Without telling too much, I know someone who needed some content to promote a new product launch on their site and the company knew that the people interested were CEOs. So rather than interview one, they interviewed ten, travelling all over the place to get to them and interview them from high profile companies that gave their content great credibility. Not only does this make brilliant content, but it can be broken up, repurposed, extended and chopped up for future use.

Interactive infographics

Rather than the standard infographic, branch out and look at creating infographics that are interactive. Some interesting examples are Scale of the Universe and what about video infographics. There are a lot of other, interesting ways of presenting and visualising content that you can experiment with that can gain great traction.

Content series

I know for a fact that you’ve got tons of old paperwork hanging about, old case studies, perhaps old content on the blog. All this can be drawn together to make series of posts. Time isn’t as much of a factor because all the legwork has been done for you, all you need to do is collate that information into a series of blogs, update it, promote it through social media and schedule the publication of them over a period of time. Lots of things can be made into a series and it’s a good way to keep visitors coming back to the site to read and engage with your content.

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Repurposing content

As well as creating a series, simply repurposing old content can be another good traffic generator. This is especially true for offline content. If you’ve got a great newsletter, case study or brochure content that never sees the light of digital day, then make it digital and get it working for you online as well as offline. Look back at old blog posts and articles you did six months ago, a year ago. These most likely need updating and once you’ve done so, will be relevant and can start earning you traffic again.

Make a film

Lots of companies have surprisingly interesting backstories and roots. Either they don’t shout about it or they’ve gone about it in a boring way on the standard About Us page. What about creating a film? It can be animated or real-world, but bring your company history to life by telling that story through film. You may need to envelope some artistic licensing here and there but if you can create an entertaining piece, promotion may be easy and prolific across social channels and video search engines such as YouTube and Vimeo.

There we go, five new ideas for content generation that go beyond your typical type of copy.

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