Search And Social Trends In 2012

Unsurprisingly, the Olympics featured highly in the most popular searches and the most popular Tweets in the UK for 2012. Team GB’s unmitigated success saw a generation of Brits take to Twitter and Google News to share their disbelief. Annual results published by both these companies and a number of other search engines show that other popular terms included Gangnam Style, the iPhone 5, and the US election. The results can also be used to help identify why users take to each of the websites.

Most Popular Tweet

On winning the presidential election and posting his joy at the results with a simple three word tweet “Four more years” President Obama quickly wrote his name into Twitter history books too. The message was retweeted more than 800,000 times and favourited by more than 300,000. Not only did this make it the most popular Tweet for 2012 but of all time. Team GB achieved an honourable mention with their results being retweeted 67,000 times and added to favourites 5,000 times.

Bing Results

Bing only offers US based results and doesn’t aggregate all results but they do provide details of the most popular terms in certain categories. This shows that the most popularly searched news story was that of the iPhone 5 release while the most popular celebrity was Kim Kardashian. The biggest movie, according to Bing statistics anyway, was that of The Avengers.

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Yahoo Results

Globally it was the elections that took top spot in Yahoo results. In the UK, London 2012 and the Diamond Jubilee were among the most popular news stories of all. The iPhone 5 was again popular and the top 10 list was made up primarily of celebrities, politicians, and individuals rather than groups and specific search terms.

Google Results

Google has gone all out with the release of its data, providing many different sets of data and from countries all over the world. They also offer a general look regarding what has been the most popular in the past twelve months

Global Google

In worldwide statistics, Whitney Houston came out on top of the polls with internet sensation Gangnam Style and Hurricane Sandy in 2nd and 3rd respectively. The top 10 was a mixture of celebrities, news stories, and some gadgets thrown in for good measure too.

UK Google

In terms of UK market share, the most frequently searched term was Euro 2012 followed by Olympic tickets. Whitney Houston, who died in February, was in third and Kate Middleton, and missing schoolgirl April Jones took 4th and 5th places respectively. Bradley Wiggins may have won Sports Personality of the Year but Jessica Ennis was the top ranked Olympian in UK search results on Google at number 5. London was the most visited city in Google Maps and Hotels were the most popular Local Places.

Optimising Your Website

While many people, websites, and businesses concentrate their efforts almost solely on Google when it comes to SEO it is important to remember that other search engines do exist. It is possible to optimise for all of these search engines and, depending on the topic of a website, enjoy increased visitor numbers as a result.

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