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Reading These Creative Writing Tips Made Me Become a Better Writer


The mythic San Francisco Beatnik writer Jack Kerouac once wrote, “something that you feel will find its own form.” For a creative writer, your style or voice can take years of your life to develop, but with some hard work and some serious dedication you can bring your unique voice and style onto the page.

You may not want to write the next great American novel, but in this digital-age, a few well-applied tips can take your writing to great heights.

Identify Goals

Your goals will play a role in the method of writing that’s appropriate for the situation. According to, your goal in writing is a driving force behind the words. If you don’t know why you are writing, then you will not communicate the idea properly. Take a minute to clarify the reason you want to improve your skills.

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Interact on Facebook

Social media is a powerful tool when you want to improve your writing ability. Although the context of Facebook is primarily informal, being used simply to be social, it does allow you to practice skills as you interact with friends, family and co-workers. suggests that interacting on Facebook increases your socialization skills, communication and writing.

Describe What You See

Communicate the layout of objects in your surroundings. Discuss the expressions you see in others that are walking buy. Describe the color of plants and feel of the breeze.

Write down everything you see and feel. Focus on descriptive words that capture the moment and make you relive every feature around you. It’s a lesson that every novelist, screenwriter, and professional writer must learn because it communicates more than the spoken word.

Write About Your Passion

According to Pick The Brain, writing with passion allows you to communicate your ideas to your audience. If you don’t have any passion or interest in the topic, then you will not be able to communicate new ideas or get your audience excited. They will stop reading.

Focus on topics you enjoy talking about. If this means you write about your shoes, then describe the qualities that you like most about your favorite pair. Any passion can inspire an amazing work of art, but only if you focus on the interest.

Write Your Favorite Books

By typing it out, you’re learning the nuances of written language that you find appealing on a personal level. It allows you to identify what you like to read so that you can learn to write in a similar manner.

Read More Often

Reading allows you to learn new words, different styles of expression and unique points of view. Read a wide variety of works, such as plays, books, newspaper articles and academic journals. Don’t limit your reading to topics of personal interest. You cannot branch out without exploring new topics or ideas.

The exposure to new ideas will give you a broad foundation to build your writing. It allows you to see both sides of the story and create effective arguments. If you’re writing a novel, then the works allow you to create realistic and vivid characters and stories.

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