Noise or Message? The Core of Content Marketing

Here’s the problem: you need your Brand to get noticed, but you’re competing against an avalanche of content pieces that are ALSO trying to get noticed. Here’s the solution: create a compelling story that demonstrates the unique value that your Brand brings to the world. Don’t add to the noise! Cut through the noise with a cohesive, compelling story.

The Problem of Content Noise

making content noise

There’s an avalanche of content. It’s like noise. It’s sensory overload. Every minute of the day, 250 new posts are published on WordPress sites. Doesn’t sound like much, eh? Do the math! That’s 360,000 new posts every 24 hours. And that’s only on WordPress sites! Across all channels, 2 million blog posts are added to the sea of content each day! We’re all learning how to quickly filter and discard, and to find ONLY WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR.

The Solution

Rather than letting your content get lost in the noise, use content to build a message, a story, that brings your Brand’s unique offering into sharp focus. Don’t add to the noise, cut through it! Don’t just be a marketer, be an honest-to-goodness CONTENT MARKETER!

Here’s a great quote from CMI’s Chief Strategist, Robert Rose:

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Noise or Message - the core of content marketing

So, how are you going to “show the world you’re a rock star”? How are you going to demonstrate that your company, your product, your service is truly an excellent solution to the reader’s problem? How are you going to break through the noise created by the avalanche of content, all designed to compete for your potential client’s attention? How can you be noticed, understood and valued? The answer: by using true Content Marketing as an integrated, cohesive strategy for telling your compelling story.

Telling your compelling story

Here are a few key components for “telling your compelling story”.

  1. Make it real; make it engaging. Don’t write a dry, boring, fact-stuffed treatise! Instead, write in a way that helps people see and feel your personality. Who in the world ARE you?! Be real. Share something personal. Share it in a way that entices me to read the next sentence, the next paragraph and the next post!
  2. Get it to the right people. C’mon, you’ve got to do a little homework! You’ve got to be working your social community, trying to find out what they’re interested in; what they talk about; what they share with others. As you build that community and become a participant in those conversations, you’ll know how to connect your content to the people who need to read it. In other words: identify your persona; write for your persona; and share socially with those that make up that persona.
  3. Make selling a final stage, not the starting point. You need to show that you’re trustworthy. You need to show that you give helpful and objective information. You need to show that your Brand actually has high-quality stuff to offer. And you need to show us what kind of PEOPLE you are, and some of the “WHY” behind your company. So you’ve got some work to do, and some time to spend, developing a story that walks people through the stages of acquaintance, to familiarity, to trust and finally to engagement/commitment.

I didn’t say it was easy to develop a compelling story! I’m saying that it’s BEST to develop a compelling story. Don’t just run around saying, “We’re awesome! We’re terrific! We’re the best!” Instead, do the work to develop an honest and relevant sketch of who you are and how you’ve learned to offer a product or service that truly satisfied the need that your consumers have. Let them be the ones (later) to say, “You’re awesome!” It will mean a whole lot more coming from THEM, than it does coming from you.

Is your message getting out there? Are people hearing and responding? If not, let us help you cut through the noise with a compelling message about your Brand!

P.S. Thanks to Robert Rose of CMI for inspiring this post. You didn’t have to say much, Robert!

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