Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Sizzle

We all know CONTENT IS KING! But, does your content marketing strategy inspire awe or awwww? Barry Feldman has some advice to pump up that boring content and drive more traffic to your site.


First, let’s take a brief look at why having an inspired content marketing strategy matters.

  1. Google now emphasizes fresh, high quality content much more in determining your ranking — which impacts the amount of organic search traffic you get.
  2. Folks share great content — look, I’m doing just that in sharing this slide share presentation. That also brings more traffic to your site.
  3. People feel good about folks who help them (with great content). They’re more likely to buy and recommend your brands.

Get the idea? Great content makes your entire social media marketing strategy ROCK!

Creating an inspiring content marketing strategy

And, here’s the rub. It’s not easy to create great content consistently. Let’s talk about some ways to create an inspiring content marketing strategy.

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  1. Put together a monthly editorial calendar that supports your content marketing strategy. Pam Moore has a nice editorial calendar template that makes this easier. That means you have specific keywords and strategies planned for each post and posts scheduled for certain days of the month. It’s much easier to compose posts if you aren’t staring at a blank page, but have a clear starting point. An editorial calendar also ensures your content supports your overarching marketing goals.
  2. Read voraciously. You can’t be an industry leader if you don’t stay up on cutting-edge insights from others. Plus, you need to know what your competition is saying.
  3. Think outside the box. Not everything your write about needs to be serious. Throw in some creativity and drive some extra traffic by posting something a little off-the-wall. For instance, the day after the US presidential election, I posted content about how the candidates approached social media marketing — it was timely and included trending topics.
  4. Don’t talk about yourself. Face it, we really don’t care. Your content marketing strategy should include value for readers and focus on their needs not your business. The presentation offers suggestions including:
    1. telling stories like anecdotes or case studiesMake Your Content Marketing Strategy SIZZLE
    2. comparisons — before an after, contrasting points of view
    3. mistakes
    4. interviews
    5. instructions
    6. demonstrations
    7. exposes
    8. threats
    9. results from experiments, surveys, etc.
    10. scores
    11. reasons
    12. humor
    13. and much more
  5. Shake up your content marketing strategy with different media, different topics, different authors (invite guest posts if you’re a single community manager). I know I’m guilty of this because I don’t include enough video. But, I’m working on it.
  6. Make content visually appealing by including images, breaking up paragraphs, including bullet points, etc.

Example of an inspired content marketing strategy

I pitched a local real estate firm with a strong content marketing strategy. The firm owns a string of apartment complexes in the DC metro area. I suggested their content marketing strategy focus on tenants and prospective tenants — give value to keep them coming back and signing new leases. Here are some examples of content I proposed:

  1. Interviews with tenants. Who they are, what they do, what brought them to DC, what their favorite hang-outs are in the DC area, etc.
  2. Design and decorating an apartment. All apartment dwellers face the challenge of making a small space their own. This feature could include things like hanging a picture gallery without leaving holes in the walls or alternatives to paint. New furniture and arranging furniture also makes interesting content. Finally, storage is a common problem so content focused on creative storage solution would have value.
  3. Exposes on interesting places and neighborhoods in the areas surrounding their apartment complexes.
  4. Interesting history about the areas around their complexes.
  5. Photo essays from tenants.

While this might look like an inspired content marketing strategy to you and me, the firm said, “We’re not comfortable talking about things except our business”. They just don’t get that content marketing ISN’T advertising. You can’t just talk about yourself or you’ll be talking to yourself and no one else.

Now, that said, it’s important that your content marketing strategy actually include MARKETING. So, it’s important to tie your content marketing strategy with your marketing goals. In the apartment case, I helped reach marketing goals without being overly commercial by making the apartments look inviting, fellow tenants interesting, and the areas around the apartments fun and functional. And, isn’t that what tenants want in an apartment?

Reaching marketing goals

OK, this is the point in my content marketing strategy where I pay the rent (LOL) and invite you to subscribe to my email newsletter so you can get other great tips to make your marketing SIZZLE. Or, if you need more personalized attention, let us put together a proposal showing how an inspired content marketing strategy can increase your ROI.

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