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Killer Content: Red Bull Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

Killer Content Red Bull Imaginate

There are some amazing businesses and brands pumping out absolutely killer content every day, though I can’t think of many that do it with such regularity as Red Bull. This article will showcase the awesome episodic video content series ‘Imaginate’ by Red Bull, featuring Danny MacAskill.

This post will go on to illustrate some of the key lessons that can be learned from Red Bull and how you can apply those to your own business or brand’s social media and content marketing.

What they did

Danny MacAskill has a track record of riding in awe-inspiring trials mountain bike riding videos. I’ll admit that before his ‘Way Back Home’ and ‘Industrial Revolutions’ videos, trials riding wasn’t in my consciousness, but now it’s a discipline of mountain bike riding I find to be absolutely amazing even though I’m not a rider or particular fan of the sport.

Despite this, Red Bull found a way to up the ante from these already amazing videos, and completely redefine the context in which this type of riding typically occurs; all of which of course results in amazing content for Red Bull’s audience.

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Why it’s killer

Red Bull has proven mastery in taking time to tell a story and creating episodic content. Where most businesses or brands would simply cut to the chase and produce a killer trials riding video, Red Bull identified an opportunity to tell a human interest story about the featured rider, Danny MacAskill, the personal challenges that needed to be overcome, as well as give an insider look at what it took to create the final video.

As if this wasn’t fantastic enough, Red Bull also created an innovative social media consumer promotion on Pinterest centred around the idea of solving photo puzzles by creating personal pin boards and arranging photos in the correct order, and created a series of Q&A videos to answer audience questions asked on Reddit.

Even with Red Bull driving all traffic to the official Imaginate microsite to view the series of videos – not YouTube – the final riding video has still achieved over 2.7 million views on YouTube, which is pretty killer to achieve with no real traffic drivers.

What can be applied to your business?

Spend time telling a story

When telling a story, slow down, take your time, and think about ways that you can captivate your audience even before you hit them with the climactic finale. Doing this will build interest, allow for a broader audience to be drawn into the story, and give people a reason to return to your social media and digital properties for future updates or episodes. Additionally, it will give you even more valuable content to publish for your audience.

Find ways to involve your audience

Giving your audience easy ways to get involved with your business, brand or content will give them a deeper sense of investment in what you are doing, and will work toward building loyalty. Certainly not all audience members will want to get deeply involved, but try to know them well enough to understand what level of involvement will be meaningful and met with excitement.

Publish your content where your audience is most comfortable

Don’t hold back from publishing your content across several social media and digital channels just so that all views, comments, likes, pins and shares will be consolidated on the same property. Chances are that your audience is divided in how they absorb and interact with content, and you should give them the option to do that on their social media channel of preference. When you are measuring success, you can simply consolidate metrics from all channels into one report to gain a higher-level view of performance.


What do you think of Red Bull’s Imaginate content?

Have you seen any killer content recently that you’d like to share?

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