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Keep Your Content Beast Healthy With A Balanced Diet

It’s no secret that relevant, compelling content is the key to content marketing success.  What’s less obvious, however, is how to generate and deliver fresh content.  Anyone who is currently a content marketer, or has attempted to be one in the past, knows the content beast.  He is hungry for any content – blog posts, ebooks, press releases, tweets, podcasts.  It’s nearly impossible to produce sufficient content to keep up with his appetite. In fact, in a survey of 400 marketers last year, we found that  the top two marketing challenges were creating original content and having enough time for content marketing.

To offer relief to this monstrous dilemma, my company, Curata, has recently published an eBook, “How to Feed the Contest Beast (Without Getting Eaten Alive).”  The eBook addresses how marketers can provide a balanced diet to the “content beast” by feeding it the right amount of original, unique content blended with existing, third-party content.

A key takeaway from the eBook is that it’s important to offer a combination of created and curated content.  Although the content beast might want a diet of one hundred percent original, created content, it wouldn’t be the healthiest option – for the beast or for the content marketer. Mixing in curated content to the menu saves the marketer from burn out and provides the beast with a much more balanced diet.

To help marketers get cooking on the creation-curation “sandwich,” our eBook offers tips to keep in mind when both creating and curating content. Some tips for creating include:

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  1. The audience should always be top of mind: They want to know what’s in it for them
  2. Think about what type of persona you want to project: Find the style that fits your brand essence and then deliver it consistently
  3. Deliver content that is clear, helpful and engaging: Strong headlines are key to staying organized

When curating, some of these tips include:

  1. Be strategic about topic selection: Build content around what the audience needs and the desired brand voice
  2. Keep sources varied: Exposure to a broad variety of voices, ideas, and information is key to a strong curation strategy
  3. Be selective: Act as a filter for the audience to share the top content

For 34 pages of detailed creation and curation tips, download the full eBook here.


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