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It is All About the Way You Write and the Audience You Appeal to

content writingImagine that you have been given an assignment to write an eBook or create a set of articles by a known physicist. You are given a topic and a few days to complete the assignment. You are a great writer, so you start reading up on the topic you were given. After only a day of research, you start the first draft. In a few days, a day before the deadline, you have completed the assignment and proceed to deliver it. The contractor is not expressing the glee you had expected. Instead, he is confused. You ask him what the problem is and he tells you that your work is way off the mark. You wrote for an audience that has the intellect on par with that of the contractor. The assignment was meant to be distributed to young students. If only you had been aware of the demographic, you would have written an excellent piece.

In considering the preceding scenario and actual reality, one should always ensure that they fully understand the assignment before beginning. As writers, a simple misunderstanding may lead to a disastrous finished product. Before you start writing, there are a few things that you should know:

1. Your Topic
2. Your Audience
3. Your Purpose

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Your Topic
The simple truth is that you need to know what you are writing about before you start writing. Most writers have no idea what they are going to write when they get their assignments. It is hard when you have no knowledge of the topic. It is even harder when you do not have any knowledge of the field you are supposed to write about, and you have also been given the task of choosing the topic. The key to overcoming such an obstacle is quick and extensive research. Great researchers will need only a few minutes of an Internet search to come up with the key points of their assignment. Other writers, who are not comfortable with doing research, may take a very long time to read up on the topic before starting to craft the first few lines.

Do not waste all of your time on research. Sometimes simple research is all you need, because the topic you are meant to write about only lightly alludes to the topic you are researching. A lot of the greatness that shows up in writing is taken from the writer’s imagination and is carefully crafted by the writer’s mind.

Your Audience
Knowing who you are writing for is the key to creating great content writing. Having knowledge of your audience will direct your research and also help you decide on the correct writing style. You can alter your style based on the age of your audience, as well as other factors that may have a deciding effect on how your material is received.

Your Purpose
Having a clear idea what your writing will be used for affects both the format and the content. If you are writing a newsletter, your writing will be highly professional and aimed at increasing the attention being given to a product. If you are contracted to write an educational book for young children, you will focus on the use of simple words.

Should you not know the purpose of your writing, you will not be able to work to the best of your ability. It is easier to just gather all of the necessary information at the beginning of the contract. Know the topic, audience, and purpose and you will be a step closer to providing content of extraordinary talent.

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