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Is Content Marketing the New SEO?

Go back five years and all you heard about was SEO this and SEO that. I’ll be the first to admit that I was one of those business owners who jumped onto the SEO bandwagon. I was running an eCommerce shop at the time and started building back-links, applying appropriate keyword density to product pages, building exact match domain sniper sites to drive traffic to my main site. Seriously I went all-in and yes it paid off… for a while.Content Marketing SEO

After all this effort the one thing I realized was that I was cheating. I’ll admit it. I didn’t know any better at the time and I thought that this is what you did. I was a big dirty cheater.

SEO to me relies on smoke and mirror tactics to artificially raise your rankings in Google. These tactics will work for a while but ultimately Google will eventually identify these holes and your rankings drop to where they should normally sit. Every update made to Google’s algorithm is designed to present the most relevant, quality content to the searcher. So why not concentrate on providing the best content available to your visitor instead of trying to elevate average content?

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While I was running my ecom I started noticing a trend to the pages that were receiving the highest amount of traffic. It was always came back to pages and blog posts that I wrote without the intention of driving ‘buyer’ traffic to the site. They were the informative articles that added value to my readers. I remember the first one that took off was how to change out RAM modules in a specific model of laptop. This page went crazy and brought in traffic from everywhere.

So what’s the solution?

In my opinion the best results will eventually be given to the best content. That’s what Google is striving to achieve day after day so don’t fight it. Put down the link builders, the spambots and join the Content Marketing revolution.

Content marketing concentrates on identifying what your customers find important and then providing them with the best information about their interests. It strives to elevate the internet from a source of low quality ‘make money fast’ style content to valuable and appreciated content. It’s this value and appreciation which will help you stand out (like our 3D dog) and attract loyal and passionate customers, not just customers who want to the cheapest deal.

I invite you to join the revolution and do your part in improving the state of the internet. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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  • In short you are saying that the Internet is the new place for writers. I think web pages (Google ranks web pages and not websites, after all) appear to need to be more informative now, but I doubt that is a revolution per se. You can still make some very good profit using ultra-targeted advertising and a beautiful hyper-tested and hyper-optimised landing page. That will pay off more money and faster than working a lot to try to get a web page ranked and seeing how Google slaps you a few months after, once they discover your tricks.

    • Thanks for the comment Henry. I’d like to think that primarily focusing on quality content is the best long term solution for any business and it’s what we would call pull marketing.

      However you are right in that there will always be a place for other types of push marketing, your Adwords w/ Squeeze page is a great example of a tried and tested format.

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