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Inbound Marketing: 5 Smart Tips on Content

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Our clients here at DBC Digital in Denver, want to know what will work when the “rules” on Search Engine Optimization seem to change so frequently. Sure, the judicious use of keywords is vital to attracting an audience for your business blog. More important though, is to develop content that has informative value to your readers.

Content marketing has its own intrinsic standards, usually intangible. Google itself states that authoritative, interesting content will always outweigh technical metrics in its search rankings. With that in mind, you may feel like the content you provide could use a little makeover. Here are some guidelines that should be helpful:

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1. Research your readers’ interests. Find out what they “Like.” What’s appealed to them most in your previous posts? What topics? What else are they reading or subscribing to online? You can even conduct a survey to find out directly what their primary concerns and interests may be.

2. Take your time. No, we’re not advising that you sit on your typing fingers. You need to dedicate the time necessary to produce a well-written and thoughtful blog. If you don’t personally have the time, find someone who does. That can be someone already on your staff, maybe the Shakespeare wanna-be toiling in your mail room. Or you could conceivably outsource it. It’s important enough to spend a little money on it if you don’t have the time nor the expertise.

3. Monitor your output. Make sure the quality is consistently high. You’ll know when it’s not if your reader feedback diminishes, whether that’s through a decline in online sales or simply through fewer readers. Stay on top of it. That way you’ll never have to wonder!

4. Be part of your readers’ community. Where do they get together online? Be part of the group, whether that’s on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or YouTube or whatever else comes down the road. Pinterest? It’s already the third largest online social media site! Pay attention. Listen to what they say to each other. Offer solutions through well-placed links, without overtly advertising. That will give you great ideas on the content of your own business blog. Be the solution!

5. Be dependable. Your readers need to know they can rely on your expertise. They need to know where they can always find you. If you schedule a new blog every day, make sure one is written. In addition, since you are the expert in the field of your readers’ concerns, your blog needs to be consistently authoritative. Don’t sacrifice quality simply to crank out your daily blog.

We hope this gives you some ideas about your own business blog. At DBC Digital, we would love to know how you make your content marketing decisions. Please let us know in the Comments section below.

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