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How Curation Fits Into Your Content Marketing

Curation in content marketing

Visual curation can grab your audience’s attention like nothing else.

In part 1 of my introductory guide I gave an overview of content curation and how to go about it. Today I’ll focus on some easy-to-use free tools.

First thing to say is that there are more tools than you can imagine and new ones are appearing every day.

Do not get overwhelmed by the choice. You don’t need to know about them all or to try to compare them.

Start with the ones I review here and if they don’t fit your purpose let me know and I’ll recommend others.

However, if you do want to explore the entire universe of content curation tools, they are all listed in this graphic by Robin Good. He updates it weekly.

Step 1. Finding news to curate

The 3 steps to curating content are

  • Finding
  • Organising
  • Sharing

The simplest way to discover news on your topic is to use Google Alerts and feed the results into Google Reader where you can check them daily.

Steve Farnsworth, who writes the Steveology blog and is one of the best social media consultants around, has produced a really clear and simple presentation on how to do this.

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Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard from Jolt Social Media

Step 2. Curating, organising and publishing – 3 free tools

This is one of my favourites. I love the gorgeous magazine-style format, there is a great community around, and it is pretty good for SEO too.

Here’s a great basic tutorial from

And here’s a video showing you how to use some of’s more advanced features from Ileane Smith, who writes the highly useful BasicBlogTips.


This is for visual curation and it is the third most popular social site after Facebook and Twitter [April 2012 data]. Use this guide from CNET UK to get going.

I’m including not only because I work there but because the software is powerful and I adore the newspaper-style format. This tutorial by Adam Troudart is a little old so the interface may be slightly different, but it has all the basics.

That’s for the free version. If you want to consider the paid version, watch this tutorial from Rich Brooks, head of Flyte New Media and another leading social media consultant.

These tools are just a taster of how you can use curation in your content strategy. Let me know if you want info about other platforms and tools and stay tuned for part 3 – enterprise content curation platforms.

More resources

I don’t want to overwhelm you, so here are two last places to go.
A great article on easy free curation tools by Martin Smith, author of the ScentTrail blog and Internet marketing expert.
My curated collection of videos about curation.

By the way, most of this post is curated content.

Was this article helpful? Or not? If so, what would you like to know more about? If not, what would have made it better? Don’t hold back. I value your opinion, positive or negative. Help me improve the usefulness of articles on this site.

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