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What The Heck Is A Decisionaire?


A Decisionaire is online content that is dynamically personalized to the needs of an individual – not a grouping of individuals – based on an individual’s response to a question, or a set of questions.  Decisionaires are created using an online service of the same name – and located at

Who cares?

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If you want to generate sales leads then you should care.  Decisionaire is a new form of content marketing that does what other forms of content marketing can’t do at all – or can’t do easily, affordably, or consistently.  For instance, with a decisionaire you can:

  1. Instantly personalize online content according to the needs of an individual.  Today, the best that most organizations can do is to personalize content for groups of individuals that all perform similar online actions. Most would agree that personalized content is more valuable and compelling than that which is generalized – and the personalization of content for groups of individuals that all have similar characteristics is a great first step.  However, individualized content personalization takes this a step further.
  2. Encourage prospects to provide truthful information about them. Since an individual answers decisionaire related questions in order to get personalized content in return, they are more likely to answer questions truthfully.  After all, if they lie, then the content won’t be personalized to their needs.  This is in stark contrast to the way in which many people answer questions in a lead capture form to gain access gated online content.
  3. Capture information about a prospect that you can only get by asking.  Many marketing automation tools can personalize information for groups of people based on online data that is collected via a cookie placed within the web visitor’s browser.  The data collected by the cookie is limited to location and online actions.  While this is valuable, it’s only so until the visitor removes or blocks the cookie.  There is more to a prospect then the information you can collect via a cookie.  And, capturing this information is only possible by asking and doing so in a way that encourages a truthful response.

How can I use it?

Decisionaires represent the next evolutionary stage of content marketing.  According to a recent survey, 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing (Hanley-Wood Business Media).  Decisionaires are a cost effective way to make this vision a reality.

 You can use Decisionaire to create personalized brochures, whitepapers, guides, ROI calculators, pricing proposals, and much more.  And, by integrating Decisionaire with your marketing automation solution you can leverage the wealth of information you can capture about an individual to facilitate a highly personalize lead nurturing campaign.

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