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How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy: The First 3 Steps

Content Marketing Strategy

Between the work I do via our consulting division and the mastermind group that I lead, I find myself spending a great of time talking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: How to develop a content marketing strategy.

It’s a topic that I’m very passionate about and I love having these conversations; however, as I’ve only been sharing my thoughts via one-to-one conversations up to this point, I thought it was about time that I stood in front of my whiteboard and filmed what I have been explaining to client after client.

Prior to creating the video, I had a few goals that I wanted to achieve. They are:

  • Create a video that will help people who aren’t clients to get started on the right foot
  • Create a video that I can have my clients watch before we do our kick off session (saves time)
  • Create a video that I can use as a case study for ranking and traffic on Youtube (case study to come)

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In this video, you are going to see me explain:

  • How and why to spend time researching a target market first
  • How and why to define a buyer persona
  • How and why to create a unique selling proposition and content to support it

My Youtube Case Study

A couple of years ago when I was first starting out with content marketing, I created a video that I titled, “How to Start a Business with No Money“. Since publishing this video, it has been watched 426,419 times and is ranked #1 for its keyword on Youtube.

youtubefeedback-2Back then, I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing (from a marketing perspective), but I did know my topic well, so I just fired up my camera and started to explain what was on my mind. I’m happy to say that my unsophisticated approach actually worked quite well. Near as I can tell, the main reason why the video is now ranked #1 on Youtube is because it has received 4,929 thumbs up votes.

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In addition to the recognition generated from the 426,419 views, the video has also generated thousands of leads for me. As of this writing, I get about 20 leads a day from this video, and those leads translate into about $800/mo in revenue from sales of my information products.

When it comes to passive income, the video has been a raging success!

Now the question is: can I replicate my success?

Since publishing my new content marketing strategy video today, I kept track of everything that I have done to promote the video, and, over the next month as I continue to promote it, I will keep a log of everything that I do so that, in a month, I can publish a case study with the results of my experiment.

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My hope is that, like my earlier video, this video will eventually rank #1 for “content marketing strategy” and turn into a passive income workhorse like the old video has. To help me with that, I would love it if you give it a “thumbs up” on Youtube and share it on your social networks. Thanks, you rock!

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