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Content Repurposing: 9 Ways To Give Your Content Additional Mileage

A lot of time and a lot of work goes into your content. You’re proud of how it looks, reads, and is used. What breaks your heart is the fact that it’s not seeing the mileage you had hope. If you’ve felt disappointed over having great content and not seeing it utilized to the fullest, you’re not alone.

Countless pieces of new content are being created every second. There’s always something new, something engaging, and something that simply can’t be ignored – until the next thing comes along. It’s a world of saturation and it’s no surprise that even the best content gets only a fraction of the play it deserves. So, how can you make the content you already have work harder? Believe it or not, the answer is already there – and waiting to be unleashed.

Repurposing content is a great way to get extra mileage out of your content so that your concepts and your brand get broader exposure. Remember, the goal of your content is to convey meaningful and valuable information while establishing your brand as a leader in your respective industry. The thoughts you put into that original piece can still hold true when you put them into other mediums. Think of it this why: you already have great work, so why reinvent the wheel just to get it in front of a few more eyeballs? Repurposing your work isn’t a dirty word, nor is it lazy. In fact, it could be one of the most valuable strategies you can employ as a marketer.

Why Should I Repurpose Content?

Repurposing content is great for many reasons, but perhaps the most significant of those is your overall visibility. Being known as a leader in your industry involves showing your metaphorical stuff. To prove you have the knowledge and experience, you’re expected to create and share content that impresses, engages, and keeps them coming back for more. By repurposing, you’re already taking great content and adapting it into other mediums that may convey the information more clearly or may reach a different audience segment. It broadens your reach socially, since this content would be encouraged to be shared, plus, it can boost your SEO by earning you backlinks. What’s not to love?

How Can I Repurpose Content?

Repurposing is as easy as thinking about all of the different ways information can be conveyed. Let’s say your original piece of content is a blog post. Think about how that same data, that same thought leadership, can be displayed in another form, like a slideshow or a video or an infographic. From there, adapt the content into that other form and unleash it for promotion and visibility. This can apply to everything from blog posts and videos to content pages or ebooks. Whatever you have, think about ways to show it off in a different way.

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Here are some great ideas for repurposing content (and we’d love to see some of your suggestions or past tactics in the comments)!

Turn your original content into:

  1. A slideshow presentation that can be shared on Slideshare or similar.
  2. A video that you can show on your YouTube channel.
  3. An infographic that can be distributed to industry blogs.
  4. An ebook, when combined with other posts around the same topic and updated with some additional new information.
  5. A blog post or a blog post series.
  6. A Q&A series, by breaking down the content of the post and incorporating it into a FAQ.
  7. A springboard for other tangential topics, which continue to reference the original piece.
  8. An interactive landing page to drive conversions while also displaying thought leadership.
  9. Social media updates. Pull out key thoughts and post them on your social channels – feel free to link back to the original!

These are just some ideas – and once they’re implemented, remember to promote, share, and encourage engagement as you would with other content.

What ways have you repurposed content? Have you noticed certain tactics working better than others?

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