Is Content Marketing a Waste of Time?

content marketingMany articles these days are coming down on content marketing because most people see it only in a siloed process. Many experts are now saying that too many companies are mass-producing content that has no value with respect to information.

The problem with these articles is that the whole article looks at content as a bunch of words with an SEO focus. Other articles talk about content should be “quality” content with fewer articles and more thought and care being put into the content.

The underlying problem is not enough information is written on the whole process. When the process is in place, content marketing is very effective and it can lead to a lot of business for companies. More articles should be written on the entire process instead of looking only at the topic of words and content.

In this article we will look at the whole process and hopefully, you will start to see content marketing in a new light.

Content Marketing – Create, Distribute, Service

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Content marketing should be the starting point after you have done the following:

  • Developed your target market
  • Decided upon the type of content that resonates with your readers. (This takes planning, action and reevaluation)
  • Identified the resources to see it through


Creating content usually works best from someone who can see the big picture. Ideally, an executive who has access to operations, sales staff, client service staff and other middle managers is the best person to create content. This person can identify targets to write specific content for. The higher this person is in the company, the more credibility this content is valued.


You need people who can take the information created and get it to the identified markets. This process can be done traditionally through trade show marketing, direct mail, phone calls, visits to current clients/prospective clients and invitations to tour your own company, (Very popular, Very Transparent and effective)

In addition, email and social media channels can also help with getting the message out to others. Twitter, GooglePlus, Linkedin and Facebook are good places to start. Pinterest, Slideshare and Instagram are other channels. Finding quality resources for distribution is the key. People still interact with people.


This area is often overlooked, but is vital. Client service is the key to content creation and distribution coming together. People interact best with people. These people need to understand your company and need to serve client needs through product/service knowledge. In addition, issues arise and these people are vital to resolving client issues and developing strategies to help insure those issues do not occur in the future.

Content Marketing works if you look at the whole process. Don’t believe the experts who think it is a waste of time. In the end, you need to get clients and content marketing is one approach that can work well if the pieces are in place.

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