Content Marketing – Are You Video-d Yet?

As content marketing grows more viral, a lot of users are using videos and various video platforms to exploit the popularity and connect that users have with videos. Videos are a very easy way to related to your customers by means of product demos and providing educational content for your audience.

Let’s look at YouTube; for example. Did you know that YouTube is the third most accessed website on the internet after Google and Facebook?

Here are some lesser known facts about YouTube:

  • YouTube gets over 800 million unique visitors each month
  • Over 4 billion hours of videos are watched each month
  • Each minute, 72 hours of video is uploaded on the website


Phew! Well, that is a lot of videos. And that does cover the most essential fact – Your audience is definitely on YouTube!

Now, how does one go about making videos and engaging with their audience?

Understand the goal of your business –

This is critical. Once you understand the goals of the business, as it will give you the starting step for your video.

Don’t overtly promote yourself on your videos –

Nobody likes videos that keep talking about how awesome the brand or the product is. Don’t overtly promote your brand/product in your video.

Keep it simple, silly –

Take a simple idea and create a fantastic video. Don’t try and do too much in one video. You can create more and implement all your ideas one by one.

A few tips which will help your video:

  • Try checking the most searched for terms, including the YouTube suggestions (the drop down that appears when you are searching) while deciding on you’re the name of your  video. Correctly naming your video is a crucial step in this process
  • Optimise the video for simple keywords to ensure that you get it ranking on search engines
  • Keep your video simple and short. Don’t exceed more than 3 odd minutes, since the attention span of your audience is prone to straying after that
  • Don’t try and promote beyond a point. If someone is watching the video, they are already interested in your business
  • Embed the video on your site. Creating an official brand channel is YouTube is the first step, but you also want to engage users coming to your website
  • Cross promote the video on your social media handles, your blog and your website!

And there, you have the starting points on how to approach making a video. So go ahead, take an idea, give it your personal twist and enjoy the ride!!

This post has been written by Anindita Debnath who works with Convonix in the SEO vertical. This is what we know about her! – The optimist, music lover, book maniac, semi work-a-holic, avid listener, ardent baker, lost wanderer, closet poet… An internet marketer by day and a crazy comic books and Big Bang Theory fan by night.

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