Content Curation And 12 More Content Marketing Terms Defined

“Social Media” is so 91 days and 42 seconds ago…

Content Strategy and Content Marketing may be the marketing buzz words of 2012 but their meaning is still debated by the best consultants in the field, in the halls (or conference calls) of large organizations and on the trade show floors of today’s hottest marketing conferences.

To me, content strategy is all about focusing on the needs of our audience. By focusing on their content needs, we are able to attract them, gain their affinity and ultimately their business. And if we’re doing a fair job, they “self-select” into a conversation, a dialogue and hopefully a relationship with us that enables them to get to know, like and trust you.

It’s simply a more effective way of marketing than trying to interrupt, promote, cajole and convince . . .

But first, we need to speak with a common understanding with our business colleagues.

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So I endeavored to define what I think are the top 13 terms used today surrounding the topic of content marketing. But I am certainly not the expert. So please weigh in: did I get these right? What key terms are missing?

  • Content Marketing: The process of publishing the content your audience seeks, in all the places they search, for each stage in the buyer journey
  • Content Strategy: The framework including people, process and tools to deliver the content your audience seeks, in all the places they search, for each stage in the buyer journey
  • Content Curation: The process of identifying relevant content for your audience from multiple sources, modifying or editing that content to reflect the needs of your audience and delivering the content to the appropriate channels of distribution
  • Editor: Someone who has authority to publish within a channel without needing further approvals, generally following documented and approved editorial guidelines
  • Curator: Someone who searches, finds and filters the best content on a topic or topics from multiple sources providing a service to your audience
  • Nurture: the process of offering or suggesting the information a buyer seeks in the next phase of the buyer journey
  • Persona: a group of people with common content / solution needs
  • Buyer Journey: Keywords, information Needs, content and channels used by various personas across the main stages of the journey from business challenge to solution
  • Content Map: inventory of the content in our BOM / content repository matched against the buyer journey content needs
  • Editorial Calendar: content to be published by topic by channel by persona across time
  • Editorial Guidelines: identification of the types, tone, topics of content to be selected for a given publishing channels
  • Channel Manager: someone who promotes content for a specific type of channel (ie – social media, or ie Facebook as a more specific example) or across multiple channels
  • Response Manager: someone who is performing social listening and capable of rand authorized to respond to digital interactions such blog comments, tweet requests, linkedin comments, etc.

Tell me what you think in the comments below…

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  • You might also consider “Author: someone who creates content that is reviewed by an Editor”

  • brian Mcfarlane says:

    I came across this content curation course that might be very useful to the people following this
    I took the course myself and found it very useful for learning content curation at the beginner to advanced level

  • I love that you’ve tried to define these terms. I’m finding reasonable people are disagreeing, but it’s not really that important. What’s important is that we think about content strategically. More people are getting this, and that’s a good thing.

  • Thanks Martin: great addition!

    Brian: Thanks for the resource. I’ll definitely check that out.

    Claire: Yes! the details are not nearly as important as the main point to focus on content strategy and meeting our customers’ needs.

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