“Better” and Other Terrible, Trendy Copywriting Words to Avoid

Copywriting goes in trends and phases like other things – but it took eagle-eyed Chris Rook to spot this one.


What on earth is that all about? Suddenly there’s a plethora of brands using this unremarkable, unmeasurable, unexciting word to support their messages.

Chris writes:

We need to be challenging creative folk to be original, especially when hard to get cut through. It may work for a period of time borrowing a ‘better’ or a ‘gamechanger’ (from a couple years back) for a differentiating angle in the market category/vertical, which clients may not see a borrow but good brand/advertising folk should spot it and know better to be authentic (in my eyes anyway and no pun intended..). Surely an existing or prospective customer is going to tune out if you’ve got the same message as other brands in other markets who are also talking the same angle.

How marketing copywriters use ‘better’ – Take a read

Here are Chris’ examples to back up whats affecting the use of ‘better’ in NZ brand advertising right now, and dovetails into a larger point around many brands suffer from lack of authenticity with experience delivery and originality what they are about.

  • Burger King, “Its better with the King”
  • Holden, “Go Better”
  • Briscoes “You’ll never buy better”
  • NZ Herald, “The more you know, the better”
  • Lewis Road Creamery advertising “A Better Butter”,
  • Good Magazine “Simple choices for a better life”,
  • Beca, “Be better with Beca”
  • choice tv, “Better Homes & Garden”
  • Meridian, “better energy future”
  • Auckland Airport, “making journeys better”
  • Slingshot “Our Better Network Bundle”
  • Vodafone “Do your thing better”
  • 2 degrees “2 degrees mission to make everything better”, plus “2 degree better”
  • Telecom’s CSR Foundation, “Building a better future for New Zealand”
  • Smart Marine, “Better boating and fishing starts here”
  • Flybuys, “Even better”
  • Tip Top – (something “better” on side of their main Auckland office/factory)
  • NZ women’s cancer “Look good, feel better”,
  • government initiatives “Better Business Cases” and “Better Public Services”

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