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5 Ways to Make Your Content Instantly More Shareable

Creating content can be a daunting process—brainstorming, writing, editing, optimizing, editing another time, publishing and promoting your content takes a long time. To help you reach the last step of your process faster, here are five quick fixes that will immediately make your content more shareable:

1. Write a Good Headline

Unfortunately, your headline can make or break the success of your post. With your visitors making an impression of your site in only .2 seconds, you need to catch their attention immediately with an informative and catchy headline. Make sure to include the criteria for a great headline: it should be useful, exclusive, specific and unique.

You might not get the right headline on the first try—make sure to keep testing which headlines are working better than others using your content analytics. If you’re on WordPress, try using the Headline Split Tester plugin to test which headlines work best for your website.

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2. Break up Your Posts

As people continue to consume of their content online, their attention spans have waned. With so much content available, people are extra-conscious about not wasting their time reading something not relevant, entertaining or informative. Instead of reading or watching all of your content, visitors are more likely to skim over it.

To account for this new reading style, make it easy to scan your posts by adding bullet points or numbers to break up the block of text. Having a “list post” will help your readers take home the main messages and easily share them with others.

3. Optimize for Search

Beyond pleasing your readers with extraordinary content, you need to optimize for search engines to ensure your content is found. Beyond the long-term process of learning SEO tips and tricks, you can immediately help your SEO by downloading the All in One SEO Pack, a WordPress plugin. This tool will make it easy for you to create titles, descriptions, meta tags and keywords so that people will be more likely to discover your website or blog.

4. Offer Related Content

You won’t always have visitors falling in love with your content immediately—visitors might need to see a few pages of content to really be hooked. Make sure you have a related content tool to suggest other posts on your website or blog so you can have another chance to bring visitors deeper into the marketing funnel. The best part about related content tools is that you don’t have to manually select which content is similar—your related content widget will automatically scrape your page to do it for you.

5. Include Social Sharing Buttons

At the end of the day, you want your visitors sharing your content with their social networks so that you can reach even more people. One way to make this an easy process for your readers is to provide social sharing buttons so that your visitors can quickly share your website or blog.

It’s very important to optimize your social sharing buttons to the networks that your readers actually use—for example, if you are a food company, it might make more sense for you to include Pinterest in your social sharing options over LinkedIn. Your social sharing buttons are like a call to action—you wouldn’t want to bombard your readers with too many CTAs. Optimizing your social sharing buttons is crucial to getting your visitors to share your content.

These quick fixes are just a few ways to make your content more shareable. How do you optimize your posts for social sharing? Comment below with your thoughts.

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