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5 Strategies to Boost Your Content Marketing Campaigns

It’s evident that content marketing is the new effective marketing. The modern day consumer has been trained to block out all self-promoting ads and they’ve gotten quite good at it.

One of the coolest results from this transformation is that the marketing world seems to be evolving in to one of collaboration where marketers can share their content and bounce ideas off of each other in LinkedIn Groups and G+ communities. Marketers are also constantly retweeting each other’s words and swapping content throughout the blogosphere. I dig it.

In keeping with the trend of content marketing collaboration, I want to pass along some strategies that I’ve recently implemented in to my own content marketing campaigns that have proven to be effective.

Make sure you are targeting bloggers

After this report from Technorati came out, it reinforced what a lot of us were thinking. The bloggers are the biggest influencers but a lot of marketers are missing out on this. It all comes back to consumers wanting to hear about a product or service via word of mouth and the bloggers’ mouths are considered very trustworthy.

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Where do you find these influential bloggers? There are plenty of blogger outreach tools that make this process easier than a manual Google search. GroupHigh is a great one if your company is going to do regular blogger outreach campaigns.

For a thorough rundown on blogger outreach, check out this ultimate guide.

Do more with less

Because one of the biggest challenges we face is producing enough content for the many outlets that we have available to us, marketers need to accept that doing  more with less isn’t lazy it’s a survival tactic. One good idea should get you a bunch of blog posts, a ton of tweets, a slide share presentation, an e-book, a few G+ posts and maybe even an infographic or YouTube video.


Because so much of what we do is robotic, the last thing that our consumers want to read is something that sounds like it was written by a robot. Feel free to personalize every aspect of your content marketing campaign. From your emails when you reach out to bloggers to the content that you distribute all over the web. Don’t be afraid to let your  personality shine through.

Get to know your niche

Don’t cast a wide net when reaching out to bloggers. Having a narrowed down niche that fits perfectly with your brand will return way better results than reaching out to a broad genre. For example, if I am promoting a line of animal friendly boots, reaching out to all fashion bloggers would be stupid. Instead I would research and target fashion bloggers who have promoted animal friendly clothing items in the past. I may even target vegetarian and vegan food bloggers because they have proven themselves to care about animal rights.

Diversify then hone in

There is an abundance of channels in which we can promote and house our content. There are so many that no company can have an active presence on all of them. Instead of trying to be active on every social media channel and content platform, we need to find which ones bring us the most traffic, consumers, leads, etc. My recommendation is that at some point you try each channel but not all at once. Track the results and get rid of any platforms are returning anything under mediocre results.

What strategies are working for your content marketing campaigns that you would like to share?

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