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5 Reasons to Use Images for Content Marketing

The Use of Images for Content Marketing

Everyone knows that you should be running a social media campaign. But you would be surprised by how many elements of that process overlap with content marketing. Or, at least it should be if you are properly utilizing both. That is especially true when it comes to the use of images in content marketing, which should be a main focus of your overall efforts.

Obviously your primary concern is going to be the quality of your content itself. But there are five reasons that images should still be considered and carefully chosen.

1. Image Sharing Sites Are Growing

Infographic Popularity

You only have to do a Google search for Pinterest to get dozens of articles talking about the site’s incredible boost in popularity. While it might not be immediately obvious, image sharing sites like Pinterest are a great way of marketing your content. You find a relevant image and attach the link to a post. Then upload it onto Pinterest and allow it to begin spreading. Because the main point is sharing those pins, you will get a lot of traction from a single image. I daresay it is simpler to get content to go viral using an image than it is for other social media sites.

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2. Infographics Drive Traffic


Anson Alexander did some research into the use of infographics on social media and in blogs, and he came up with a rather interesting finding. According to him, infographics were 30 times more likely to be shared, and drove traffic by an additional 12% to those who didn’t publish any. They are also a common site on social media sites, showing the potential for viral status.

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3. Visuals Catch The Eye

When you are skimming through a site or social feed you are probably going to ignore a lot of text. Even headlines are easy to skip past, which is why people spend so much time crafting sensational – often misleading – titles in order to stop the viewer for a moment. A picture does this much more effectively, as our brains are set up to take notice of visuals. You should always work to have an eye-catching, interesting and engaging photo to set the trap, and then provide quality content to keep the reader’s interest.

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4. People Are More Likely to Share

Infographics Go Viral

When you are on Facebook you will probably notice a lot of photos on your friend feed. Most of these images are not going to be uploaded as an original by the user, but instead shared from a page or group. Twitter isn’t quite as likely, but Pinterest makes up the gap. Social media sites are rife with shared pictures, and sometimes links are posted just for that purpose, regardless of what they link to.

5. Images Leave an Impression

Have you ever noticed an image you remember seeing somewhere before? You swear you came across it somewhere else, and eventually it clicks in your mind: you read that blog post about whatever, and that picture was at the top of it. This is the power of images, as they spark our memory and allow us to associate concepts and thoughts long term. That is the power of the brain, and so having a photo or image can really stick in someone’s mind.

Do you have a reason that isn’t on the list? Share your thoughts below on why images are crucial for content marketing.

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  • I like the idea of infographic content being more “shareable.” To me it signals a new era of meaningful information consumption – just in a more interesting package. Good stuff.

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