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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Content Marketing is Working (As Hard as You Do)

Last week, 14 ionians shared the reasons why they love the marriage of conversion optimization and content marketing. I really enjoyed the quotes and hearing thoughts from my colleagues on the topic. For me, focusing on conversion means putting your content to work…but we all know producing great content is far from easy. So, think about the following to make sure your conversion content marketing is working as hard as you do:

1. Test low barrier gating — don’t just socialize your content, but ask for a little something in return like the consumer’s email address or basic contact details. See if the quality of the “leads” are worth gating the asset.

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2. Maximize your reach — make sure your content works for you in a variety of different ways. Present the same idea in a white paper, blog post, slide presentation and video and test to see which format engages your audience the best.

3. Make them hungry for more — consider breaking your content into segments, making your audience hungry to read and share. Or, offer all of your content, but allow your audience to self segment and pick the pieces they feel are the most relevant to their need. Bonus: you will learn a lot about them in the process!

4. Say thank you and reward — remember to thank your readers for visiting your blog post, slide presentation, or watching your video. If you are testing low barrier gating (mentioned above), consider leveraging landing page ‘thank you’ pages to provide value rewards, such as additional free resources, post-conversion.

We all know how hard it is to create great content, but creation is only half the battle. That content has got to get to work and generate conversions! So, when you come up with piece of pure brilliance, be sure you not only share it but look at creative ways to put it to work. Only then will you transform click throughs into breakthroughs!

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