3 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Should Have

contentcurationBusinesses continuously struggle with how to deliver rich, high quality and unique content on their websites and social media networks. This is extremely difficult as businesses are hard-pressed to ensure that their content is always up to date and relevant. As such, marketers are now relying on curated content that they deem to be relevant to deliver information to their customers and prospects.

Curating content is not just based on rehashing information from another source, but adding value to the information by personalizing it for your business. Thus, it will be refashioned and edited in accordance with how the information is interpreted and used specifically for your business. This strategy can make the information quite compelling to readers if done properly. Besides saving valuable time and ensuring that you do not compromise on the quality of your content, curation is also advantageous in other ways.

  • There is a wealth of information that is available to you. The information already available to you may be able to even bring insight and help you branch off and create your own unique content ideas.
  • You are able to regularize your postings, while producing content that is useful to your audience. This adds value to your sight as readers will visit your site regularly looking for similar content.
  • Sharing content from others, especially on networks such as Twitter and Pinterest, can actually increase traffic to your page.  This increased traffic can lead to conversions.

To help you get started with content curation, here’s a list of great tools you can use to help you gather and/or disburse information.  I use all of them:

  •  Paper.li:  allows content managers to create their own web-based newspaper by allowing the curation of thousands of content sources available on the web.  The beauty of Paper.li is that once you setup the newspaper the way you like it, the content is refreshed automatically at the intervals you specify.   Readers can also subscribe to your newspaper so they don’t miss a single issue.  You might choose to use Paper.li the way I do.  I use it just to collect relevant information in one convenient location so I don’t have to search the web daily for great content.
  • News360:  analyzes more than 100,000 articles every day, all in real time.  The company boasts on its website that they “identify 700,000+ different companies, people, brands and locations, understand the locality and topics that every article covers, collect the articles into story clusters, and visualize every story in the best possible way.”   My favorite feature of News360 is that the tool starts to think for me.   The longer you use the tool, the better it gets at determining the content you would find most relevant.   If you want to share any content you find on New360, it’s as simple as tapping the share button.   News360 is available on Google Play and the App store.
  • Flipboarda mobile app that allows you to create your own magazine.  This tool allows you to build your magazine by subscribing to various categories available.   You can even add the newsfeed from your Facebook page and Twitter page to this Flipboard.  One-click sharing is available on Flipboard to make it easy for you to share any exciting content you find with your community.  This great tool is available on Google Play and the App store.

While curation of content can be an efficient means of supplying information on your page, it is imperative that there be a balance with the original content that is created.  You still need to demonstrate your experience, expertise and capabilities – which can only be done through the creation of original thoughts.

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  • Great article Genia, I wanted one more tool with you, while it’s not free it does everything the tools you mentioned above but you’re not bouncing around between tools. Check out Curata when you have a moment – http://www.curata.com thanks!

  • Kelly says:

    HI Genia,

    Thank you for mentioning Paper.li and covering what I think one of our greatest benefits is: ease of use. We currently process over 250million social posts a day for our users. With so much content orbiting out there, we want to make focusing on the right content as easy as possible for our users. Thanks again!

    Thanks so much!

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