10 Ways To Find Topics For Your Social Media Posts

It’s not enough to have social media pages for your business: you need to post updates frequently, ideally every day. But when I say this, the response is usually, “But what do I say?”

Here are ten ways you can find topics for posts, tweets, and pins that your customers might find interesting.

What are you working on?

What have you or others in your business been working on lately? Is there something interesting you can find to post about?

  • Post a photo of you or your employees with a short caption (such as: “Packing our massive Fourth of July order ready to ship” or “Matt putting the finishing touches on this dinosaur birthday cake”)
  • Post a video of how you [do something]: design a new product, do a quality check
  • Share a difficult challenge you overcame lately (“The caterer bailed out at the last minute but we persuaded [other caterer] to take over. The client said everyone complimented the food! Thank you, [other caterer]!”

Did you answer a question about your work recently?

If you’ve answered customers’ questions about using your product or service, some of those questions might provide topics for Facebook posts. For example, “Do you know you can return a product within 30 days and we’ll replace it, no questions asked?” or “All of our garments are machine-washable, so they’re cute and practical!”

What else should customers know about you?

Similar to the earlier point, is there anything your followers might not know about you but you think they should? Maybe:

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  • Brief introduction to team members
  • Your business vision
  • Something interesting about your products or processes:  “Every course we offer includes two hours of one-on-one time with your trainer every month?” or “Dana handpicks every ingredient … and if you’ve tried one of our cupcakes, you’ll know the difference.”

Are you going to an event?

If you’re going to an event that might be interesting to your customers, tweet about it, or take a photo or two to share later.

How does some news item affect your customers?

Is there a new legislation that affects your industry? Does a recent news item tie in with your business or with your customers? Share your views and invite your fans to comment.

Showcase your customer

Do you have customers who have done something cool? Turn the spotlight on them! For example, you run a sports store and one of your customers came third in a marathon. Or you offer accounting services to small businesses and one of your customers got an award.

Or just post a testimonial from a customer – a video testimonial if you can get it!

Look at your calendar

Some industries are seasonal – a stationery store, for instance, might have a back-to-school promotion. Use holidays or seasons for social media posts even if you’re not doing a special promotion.

  • Piggyback on a hashtag: “Get your #July4 party supplies in time!”
  • Remind your customers of an event they need to prepare for (by buying from you): “We’re going to be packed in July because of all the weddings, so book your hair appointment now!”
  • Announce seasonal items: “Just in: a new collection of summer sandals. Claim yours!”

Offer a deal

Once in a while, throw out special offers or discounts to your social media followers, so they know you value their support!

Ask a question

Facebook’s removing the Question feature, but you can still ask a question in your status. Some examples:

  • How they use your services or similar services: “How often do you get your nails done?” or “How often do you eat out?”
  • Their preferences: “How spicy do you like your food: spicy, red hot, or flaming all the way down?”
  • Feedback: “Do you like our new [logo/cocktails/décor]?”

Be funny

Don’t do this often, but once in a while do something that’s just pure entertainment (but fits in with your brand.) For example, MarketingProfs does these funny cards. We made a bad pun. Do something that entertains your followers among all the serious and promotional posts, and they’ll like you better.

So now you’ve got no excuse: go tweet and post and pin!

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