Why You Should Resurrect Your Print Marketing Campaigns

There are some people who argue that print marketing is dead, especially in a world where digital marketing has definitely taken over. While digital marketing is certainly an important part of marketing in general, there are plenty of good reasons for you to resurrect your print ad campaigns, such as direct mail postcards or magazine inserts, as well. There are plenty of good reasons as to why you should still consider print marketing for spreading the word about your business and gaining new customers.

Print Marketing is Tangible

One of the first and most important reasons to stick with print marketing is because it is an actual physical piece of marketing, unlike digital advertisements. Digital advertisements are online, but they can easily get lost on the Internet. With print marketing, you have a physical form of advertising right at your fingertips. A printed document is much more likely to be read thoroughly than an online advert.

Print Marketing is Credible

Some people believe that print marketing is simply more credible than digital marketing. There are tons of advertisements being displayed on the Internet in this day and age, so much so that consumers are almost never noticing online ads anymore. Your best move is to back up online marketing campaigns with a print version. For your new product release, don’t just announce it online. Place posters in public malls or streets, mail postcards with a discount, place ads in newspapers and magazines. Just make sure you place your website, social media information, and possibly QR codes on your print materials to tie them to your online campaign. It makes your business look far more credible.

Print Marketing Can Be Targeted

While you can easily target consumers with digital marketing, you can still target your audience with print marketing as well. In fact, some audiences are difficult to reach on the Internet, especially if you are interested in targeting certain individuals or very specific communities. And, with fewer businesses relying on print advertisement, you will have far less competition when it comes to having your advertisements displayed in different newspapers and magazines.

So don’t let your print marketing remain buried. Merge it with your online marketing campaigns to build yourself a highly successful marketing push that provides you more exposure than could be accomplish by using digital marketing alone.

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  • I agree that print marketing should not be overlooked as part of your overall marketing strategy. Too often businesses will choose strictly digital channels because they consider them cheaper or modern, however with consumers being inundated with so much online marketing it’s difficult to stand out. Further, privacy and spam laws make it even harder to reach the digitalt individual effectively. Advances in print marketing make it highly targetable and highly personalizable, allowing for a much stronger tangible impact, and likely resulting in a higher ROI even if the upfront cost is more.

  • tyrone says:

    I totally see your point now a days almost everyone is competing through web and it won’t hurt your marketing strategy to keep those old tricks alive..

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