How Corporations are Giving Back to the World We Live In [Infographic]

A corporation can feel like a world of its own. With elaborate office spaces, complete benefits and massive work forces, the biggest companies on our planet are certainly working towards self-sufficiency. Lucky for us, many corporations are focused on fostering positive global citizens – not just good employees. It’s impressive.

Endangered species

As industries around the world expand, animal habitats decrease. While many species are adapting, 20 percent of the world’s species could be extinct in the next 30 years. In an effort to save these animals, scientists often bring a few members of the species into captivity to protect them and encourage population. This is a sensitive operation, so worldwide express superpower FedEx was called upon to move two pairs of endangered pandas from Chengdu, Sichuan to safe facilities in the U.K. and Europe.


While still a huge problem around the globe, AIDS-related deaths have decreased by 22 percent in the last 5 years. A cure for AIDS has not been discovered. But HIV, as a non-contagious virus, is 100 percent preventable so the pressure sits with HIV/AIDS education efforts to turn the tide in affected areas. Louis Vuitton, Hewlett-Packard and Wells Fargo all appear on amfAR’s $100,000+ donations list. Wells Fargo is a leader in the San Francisco AIDS community and has been working with amfAR since 1999.

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There are 7.6 million deaths from cancer each year. Through Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events, Bank of America raised $500,000. The National Football League raised $1 million through its Crucial Catch Campaign, also for cancer. Walgreens raked in $23 million for the American Cancer Society. They’ve been in partnership for over 20 years.

We are a global community. While international corporations are often the catalyst for so much global connection, they are not always sources of support. It’s extremely positive that these organizations are giving back in such big ways.

A Global Effort Infographic

A Global Effort Infographic

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  • Stal McKay says:

    This is ridiculous. They are ‘raising’ money. They are not even giving anything back.It is PEOPLE’s money. 500k from Bank Of America ? Are f***ing kidding me ? Bank Of America ? 500k? Please write down the profits and the money they are actually ‘giving back’ and let’s see what the big picture is. This is the lamest infographic ever just made for pr purposes. The only company that’s actually donating money seems to be the kroger co.

  • Vlad says:

    Ridiculous indeed. A shameless plug for “trickle down altruism”. I’m not going to be bothered to research, but I bet you this (dis)infographic was paid for by the corporations, one way or the other.

  • Uncle B says:

    Cat’s Ass
    A corporation’s legal obligation is to guard my fucking money! Any ass-hole naive enough to think corporations are good citizens, kindly, trustworthy, benevolent, altruistic even, need only look at the Conservative Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Harper, as he tends his sorry ass after a sound reaming by the CEO of Caterpillar incorporated U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! Harper was raped publicly as the CEO of Caterpillar,Inc. USA., took Harper’s bag of Canadian taxpayers money, then promptly stole all patent and proprietary matter of value, had plant machinery shipped to USA! and left the workers in London, Ontario, Canada with absolutely nothing after years, even lifetimes of faithful and diligent service to the ‘corporation’. The CEO has since been given a 42% raise for his swift actions on behalf of the shareholders of company.

  • Sitati Joe Dawo says:

    Its a capitalist world so why do we expect too much from capitalist companies!!!!!!!! Since Societal marketing has revolutionized how corporates try to make themselves relevant with CSR I am not shocked.

    however there are opportunities in social entrepreneurship that are trying to tackle real issues profitably. this will contribute positively to our societies than waiting for corporates to donate yet their main concern is the direction of their balance sheet.

    When consumers support conscious companies and embrace social business, corporates will adopt their business models to be social conscious without being compelled or dictated upon by financial performance.

  • Joe 6pack American says:

    Everyone of you previous posters who are not in business for themselves need to quit their JOBS or be guilty of hypocrisy.

    You work for these businesses you claim are so evil so YOU are part of the problem correct? Correct.

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