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Effective Marketing Delivers Benefits

You are always marketing.  Effective marketing principles apply equally to speaking and writing.

Have you heard the boring 30 second elevator pitch of who you are, who you work for and what you do?  Did it inspire you?  No!

Darren Hardy, editor of Success magazine, said, “I never did like the elevator speech.  Instead say something fun to attract attention.”  Rob Fegan’s video affirms his agreement with Darren.  “The goal of the elevator pitch is to stop people dead in their tracks.”  Get them to say “How do you do that?” or “Tell me more.”

Be Original 

Jeffrey Hayzlett recommends delivering your intro in 118 seconds.  Use the first 8 seconds to hook them and the next 110 seconds to reel them in.

I recently attended a networking event with 56 other small business professionals.  Of the 56 in the room, only one actually generated focused attention.  What was so different about her?

She opened with, “I’m the drill sergeant of life.  I’m the get over it gal.  Stop whining and complaining and start making progress.”  She gave her name, her company and said, “If you are ready to live life instead of get through it, come see me.”  Less than 30 seconds and she sat down.

Stuff the canned, dry, verbiage.  No one wants to hear it or read it.  Print Place can make your brochure and other printed marketing materials come alive.

Tell people the benefit to them.  Why should they listen to you?  Cut the industry buzz words and talk to them in conversational language.

Make it interesting and Brief

The message is key and the value is essential.

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Whether you are trying to attract more investors, attract higher end clients, promote your company or promote yourself, the same basic rules apply.  Build your pitch with specifics and benefits to the listener.  “A good pitch takes planning and practice to deliver it quickly, on the spot, under pressure.”

Whether you are delivering your pitch verbally or in your brochure, the elements are similar.

Keep it short.  Keep it interesting.  Keep it focused on the benefit to them.  How are you different?  How do you convey that difference?  How does your story relate to them?

State the value to them

State your value clearly in terms of key results or impact.  Summarize your business focal point into 10 words maximum.  This tag line phrase should allow the listener/reader to understand the value you add.  How does what your business does benefit them?  What unique benefits do you bring to their business?  Your verbal pitch and your printed marketing must provide value to them.

How is what you do different or better than your competition?  What promises do you deliver and how do you do it?  The bottom line for them must be measurable and pleasurable.  Quantify specific results is a specific time frame.

Call to Action

Wrap it up with a call to action which makes your goals to serve them solid, defined and measurable in a specific time frame.  Be positive that you and the listener know what they are to think, feel or do when you finish.  What action do you want them to take?

Apply Verbal Principles to Printed Marketing Materials

Concentrate on B U T

Before you talk or write, pay attention to the Benefit you offer to them.  Focus on the benefit to your listener or reader.

Give a solid reason why they should do business with You instead of your competition.  Convey passion, excellence and the benefit to them.

Focus on your Target client.  Know the problem they have and how you are solving that problem for them.

How do you do it? 

  • Focus on the benefit to the customer
  • Effective marketing materials provide a generous offer which is difficult for them to refuse.  Make your offer easy to find and easy to accept.
  • Be creative.  Time is important and so is money.  Spend both wisely.
  • Make your offer scalable.  Provide options.  Offer components which can be added or deleted to match their needs and their budget
  • Use a simple success story they can relate to
  • End with a strong time-sensitive Call to Action

Whether you are marketing verbally or in print, focus on the benefit to them.  Be specific, creative, measurable and pleasurable; make your marketing appealing, informative and effective.

Attractive layout, creative message and top quality printing assist you in delivering effective marketing.

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  • Its very educative article. This must be the principle of marketing. Every marketing should focus on customer demands and their affordability. Marketing scheme must be made on a policy in which customer needs and demands are preferable. For marketing you should be simple, active,effective and must focus on customer’s benefits.

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