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Does Your Target Audience Hate You?

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare… having the very people who are supposed to support you hate you!  Unfortunately, totally turning off your target audience is a pretty common thing on the web these days.  What’s scary, though, is that you don’t have to do anything totally terrible to make yourself hate-able.

In fact, these 5 missteps could turn your target audience against you:

1.  Not responding

How many confirmation emails do you send out?  Do your customers get an email when you’ve received their payment and processed their order?  Do you encourage them to ask you questions?  Do you respond quickly to the questions they DO have?  If you think you can skip all of this because you process orders faster than greased lightning, think again.  People want to know that their hard-earned money didn’t go into a black hole.

And, remember, the relationship you’re trying to build with your target audience doesn’t end when they click the “Buy” button.  You’ve got thousands (if not millions!) of competitors out there.  If you don’t make your relationship with your customers a constant priority, they’ll go elsewhere.

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2.  Not focusing on problem-solving

You probably know that you’ve got to solve problems with your specific products and services ASAP.  However, do you go into each day with an emphasis on solving bigger problems?  For example, do you have a section on your website that’s devoted to answering questions about your industry?

If your business is the one that can solve people’s day-to-day problems, they’re a whole lot more likely to do business with you.

3.  Being too much of a risk

No business owner gets up and thinks, “Hey, I’ll make sure to be risky today”.  However, it’s something that a lot of businesses do accidentally.  For example, if you have a physical product — but you don’t have a video that shows how it works — people may be hesitant to spend money on it.  Or, if you offer a service — but don’t have any examples of your work to pass along to prospective customers — they may not want to take a chance with you.

People hate wasting money, and if they think you could potentially be a waste, they’ll hate you, too!  So, don’t make people take your word for it.  Don’t let them leave your website still guessing about what you can really do for them.

4.  Not offering anything new

You don’t necessarily have to roll out new products and services all the time to be successful.  However, you DO need to constantly offer up new insights and new information.  If you never offer your target audience anything new and fresh, they’ll hate the fact that you claim to be an expert!  After all, true experts bring their A-game all the time, without stopping.

5.  Not being genuine

Yes, the goal of every business on the planet is to make money.  However, if you’re only concerned about padding your own pockets, your target audience will hate you for it.  They want you to truly care about their well-being.  They want you to offer up answers, instead of just sales pitches.  They want to know that you’re not just out to make a quick buck.

So, before you hit “Send” on that next email or publish that next blog post, think about the message it’s sending.  If you genuinely care about your target audience, make sure they know it!

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