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Consumer Technology Trends – Rise of the ‘Pro-sumer’

proconsumer, pro-sumerConsumer behaviour has gone through many shifts and trends over the decades but one of the most influential consumer trends that has emerged is the rise of the pro-sumer. You could say that the professional-consumer is a whole new breed of consumer all together. With this there appears to be a whole new market in technology, cosmetics, fashion and beyond. But who are they exactly?

Online Influence on Consumer Trends

Professionals and general consumers are two very different breeds; we have them pigeonholed in the B2B and B2C categories, but in the middle there exists a third market, the pro-sumer. We can thank the rise of the Internet and with it social media, blogging and online reviews for this.

Research into the effect of the online boom and purchasing habits has been particularly popular in recent years with figures suggesting 60% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase, not accounting for whether they make the purchase online or in-store.

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So we can assume that consumers are looking for more value in their purchases. They want to make sure they’re getting the best deal; that the product will fit their need. They really do know what they want.

The Influence of Consumer Trends on Brands

These pro-sumers have become key influencers for many brands. They’ve become more than passive consumers, grown beyond the active hobbyist label and are often looked to as experts in their respective fields.

Think of the photography industry for example. The pro-sumer movement brought on the growth of the DSLR market as consumers wanted more than your average point-and-shoot model. With that came better quality lenses, higher resolutions, professional-quality accessories and before long we were shooting HD videos while on holidays.

The beauty industry has also seen a new demand from savvy consumers. YouTube make-up gurus and beauty bloggers have dictated the success and failure of countless brands. Now any would-be make-up artist can learn everything online. This now has brands scrambling to deliver professional quality at the consumer level.

Brands Reaction to Consumer Trends

The overall reaction to this consumer trend has been to embrace it. After all, pro-sumers are still consumers at the end of the day, only now they’re consumers with opinions. Many brands have begun to recognise and encourage their pro-sumer following. Camera companies host photography competitions. Beauty brands send samples and new releases to bloggers in the hope of harnessing the power of this consumer trend.

Have you experienced the pro-sumer trend? Or are you one yourself?

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