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Connected TV Advertising: Integrating A Multi-Platform Strategy

Lately, as our other articles might show,  we have been getting a lot of client feedback that is indicative of heavy interest in television , whether it’s connected, social or internet TV.  As a channel,  the new age of TV is proving most intriguing to early adopters. It’s the reason we created CTV Advertising in the first place, to respond to the demand for marketing services in the area.  We’re also getting a lot of feedback pointing to advertisers being pretty well confused as to how to take advantage of this platform. One of the most common issues seems to be indentifying how to deal with fragmentation and how to target where audiences are going to be.

In our opinion, audience fragmentation could pose a small issue to certain marketers while all the kinks are worked out.  It’s also in our opinion that it is something simple to get around and is actually a positive rather than a negative.

The interesting thing about the way Connected TV and social TV is shaping up is that it is eerily similar to the way internet marketing began. There was a multitude of differing ways people started to advertise on the web and many of these are still in practice today. At the beginning these methods were also incredibly fragmented. Some consumers primarily used the web for strict emailing purposes, while others browsed newsgroups, while others surfed through basic sites. It was hard to reach everybody with a broad scale campaign and it was confusing to figure how to reach “who”  “where”.  The entire time however, the level of interactivity and quick adoption allowed the platform to grow. Television use is similar, and like the internet now that we have managed to find ways to create interactivity, utility is growing.

This is why we are advocating a multi-targeted approach. Right now there is not a specific holy grail, but the ability to reach people in a multi-platform “holistic” way is proving to be immensely powerful.

Holistic approach #1- The Connected TV Platform :

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Start integrating connected television into your marketing mix. There already are a multitude of ways in which to do this; third party app ad placements, enhanced/optimized commercials, channel guide platforms and Branded Applications. We can now provide interactive responses, drive further actions and analyze and track campaigns on television screens. This should have advertisers drooling.

Holistic Approach #2-  Second Screen integrating platforms and Apps:

Many of those who aren’t on Connected TV are most likely on either mobile phones or tablets. They are also reachable via the medium of television.  Second screen apps and opportunities are abounding.  Apps and programming that take information from the television and have the ability to display enhanced information on a second screen device. This means that within the second screen we can also display advertisements that are synced with television.  This is one way to integrate the television experience with individuals who many not yet be connected with a C-TV.

Holistic Approach step 3:- Internet TV

Internet TV displayed on PCS and even mobile is also in abundance as most marketers should be aware.  As are a plethora of new programming channels, Ad networks and other publishers and methods in which to plan media within this ecosystem.  It’s time to start familiarizing yourself with these companies and publishers. They will be on the front lines of the non-linear TV movement.  They also are more than capable to take on advertising campaigns at the moment and target web users from wherever they might be logging on.

So by utilizing the means, methodology and style of these new versions of television we can reach people in this format on their PCs, their mobile phones, their tablets and their television screens. Powerful stuff.

The last step of course is creative.

Holistic Approach Step 4:

It’s time to understand the value behind visually appealing creative, especially in regards to video. The Connected Television experience, the internet TV experience and the second screen experience has a lot of value in its ability to be viewed from near or afar.  Display Ads, advertorials, text based sponsorships, articles, tweets, and likes are all great, but if people are already watching something, giving them another stunning visual video based advertisement to watch will create resonance and drive actions.  Video is proven to evoke more emotion, aid in recall, and provide a less cluttered and more personalized experience.  Best of all with today’s production technology it isn’t a budget killer like it once may have been.

By integrating this holistic approach, we can target full ranges of audiences and consumers on multiple formats with multiple methods and drive successful marketing lift. And…well, it’s some seriously fun stuff too.

Author: Zachary Weiner- CEO LuxuryReach Inc,  Head of Luxuryreach Inc’s Connected TV advertising  and marketing division CTV Advertising.   Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Great recap. Especially like your “within the second screen we can also display advertisements that are synced with television” – whether the ads are display or video, innovative advertisers that deliver a true complementary digital message will prove more effective.

    In these early days, there are lots of channels as you indicate; audience is fragmented across independent apps, TV forums, network/show based apps, TV checkin apps. The audience is growing and it’s still early to determine where it will consolidate as viewers learn what’s available and what experience is best.

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