The Benefits of Reliable WordPress Hosting

WordPress isn’t just for bloggers anymore. It now has a full array of ecommerce and business layouts that support a fully-functional online store, including content hosting and an integrated sales platform.

But the more a business relies on its website for revenue, the more important reliable WordPress web hosting becomes. No business wants to lose a large percentage of their Thankfully, WordPress has several backup and security features that are fully manageable in the cloud, giving your business access to them any time of the day.


WordPress uses a MySQL backend to support its content, user-base and functionality. Instead of restoring data, a backup makes it easier to restore the pages and the database. A cloud host will offer a way to create multiple, automatic backups, so the website owner does not need to manually backup the site every day.

WordPress Updates

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WordPress websites get hacked often, usually because of a security flaw in a plugin. Some cloud hosts offer WordPress updates automatically, so the site always has the latest and greatest version, putting up the thickest wall possible to intrusion. But before upgrading, make sure to have a good backup of the complete database.

Memory and Storage Capacity Increase

WordPress uses standard amount of memory with the site’s PHP settings. These settings are locked with a shared hosting plan, but some cloud hosts will allow the site owner to increase the memory along with the size of the image files stored on the server. This scalability option will decrease any future storage headaches that could potentially happen to business owners. Cloud hosts charge by the gigabyte, so the host should oblige when the user wants to use more storage space.

SSL for Encryption

Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) provides users with an encrypted connection between their browser and the server. SSL is required for sites that ask for a credit card or social security number, but some startups don’t understand the necessity of encryption. Encryption scrambles the data, so any hackers who intercept the information cannot read it. Using the latest SSL security protects the user and the company from potential lawsuits.

Reliability and scalability are important for even a small business WordPress site. Using these cloud advantages, the website owner can keep a reliable WordPress site running and secure users’ information.

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