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The 4 Time-saving Gmail Tips You Need for 2014

Every year seems to fly by faster, with more to do and less time to do it. More emails sent and more emails piling up in your inbox waiting to be answered. This year, commit to controlling your emails, instead of letting them control you. Here are 4 great, easy tips to help you save precious time every single day by using your Gmail more efficiently.

1. Use Canned Responses

Know those pesky emails that you end up sending over and over again? This year, commit to planning ahead and saving yourself time with canned responses. Gmail Labs has created an easy way to re-use messages that you send often. Simply go to your “Settings” tab, choose “Labs” and find “Canned Responses”. Once you enable the lab, you will be able to create and save messages that can be used any time and as frequently as you want, such as a weekly reporting email or a response to frequent customer inquiries. But be sure to bold the things you’ll want to update or personalize when you send the response to prevent the wrong customer name or date from appearing in your emails!

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2. Let Gmail Help you Prioritize Your Emails

Did you know that Gmail gives you choices for how your inbox is set up? If you hover your mouse over your “Inbox” button, you will see an arrow. Click the arrow to see the different choices, which let you sort your messages by unread or priority emails first. You can also choose “Priority Inbox”, which automatically sorts your messages into three categories: “Important/Unread”, “Starred” and “Everything Else”. This allows you quickly to see prioritization of emails and respond accordingly. Even better, Gmail uses our own email history to determine what is marked as “Important” so that you don’t have to.

3. Use Gmail Message Previews

Do you ever wish you could know whether an email was worth opening or not? Enable Gmail message previews and you can. Previews add snippets of the first few words of each email in your inbox to the right of the subject line, so that you can get an idea of the email before you open it. And don’t worry, if you find the snippets clutter your inbox you can disable them in the “Settings” tab under the ”Snippets” heading.

4. Remove Yourself from Neverending Email Threads

Stuck on an email chain about that Super Bowl Party you can’t attend? No worries, Gmail has you covered. If you no longer want to see the emails in a given chain, you can mute the conversation, which will automatically archive all future responses. And, since all emails in the chain are archived, you can still access them if you change your mind, decide to go to the party and need to look up the address. To mute or unmute a conversation, check the box to the left of the conversation, click “More”, choose “Mute” and voila! No more Super Bowl email chain in your inbox.

Have more time-saving tips? Add your thoughts in the comments section. Want more time saving tips? Here are more of my favorite Gmail tips and tricks.

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