New Keith Urban Haircut (Photos)

Before and after pictures of Keith Urban’s haircut below.

Keith Urban has ultimately decided that it’s time for a change, so he decided to cut off his famous long locks. After receiving his new haircut, Keith decided to head on over to Twitter and Instagram to share his new look with his followers.

Keith Urban decided it was time to get rid of his shoulder-length locks for a style that’s a bit shorter and cleaner. Keith decided to keep his bangs and some specs of blonde in his hair, but the backside was completely chopped off. Now, instead of having long hair in the back, as you can see, he brought his hair in closer to the back of his head.

Keith Urban Haircut 2 New Keith Urban Haircut   Goodbye Long Locks!

Also, Keith has decided to become a brunette with some blonde specs, rather than vice versa. He used to be fairly heavy on the blonde side, but not anymore.

Keith Urban decided to head on over to Twitter and say this:

Snow ain’t the only thing falling in Nashville today!! – Keith Urban

Accompanying this tweet was the picture of the barber chair that you see above. At this point, no one knew he had cut off his hair, but he allowed fans to speculate for about 24 hours.

The next day, Keith went back to Twitter and showed off his new haircut, confirming his fan’s suspicions that he had gotten a haircut.

Keith Urban Before and After Haircut New Keith Urban Haircut   Goodbye Long Locks!

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