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Why Analytics Software is Crucial in Management

Regardless of the industry they work in, a large part of a manager’s job is analysing the tools at their disposal.

Most managers will have a certain budget to spend on equipment and it’s crucial for them constantly ensure that these investments are cost-effective. This applies to everyone from kitchen managers and their utensils to IT managers and their computer software.

Let’s use the management of IT applications as an example. Whoever is in charge of a company’s application portfolio management will have to ensure that all applications are providing value for money. They will need to judge whether each application is providing a significant return on investment, whether two applications are performing the same and which applications a company can do without.

Analytics Software is Crucial in Management

Such a task is arguably even more important in the midst of the current economic climate, where most businesses are forced to reduce their outgoings. The most accurate way to measure the effectiveness of their IT applications is by using a detailed set of data providing all the significant details of each application. The better the analytics software, the more accurate a decision they can make.

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There are plenty of tools available which can provide information on a company’s applications, so how are managers meant to separate the wheat from the chaff?

What makes good analytics software?

The best analytics software is not necessarily that which shows you the most data.  Managers will be more likely to benefit by investing in software which it makes it easy to access the vital data they need to make decisions.

It shouldn’t take ages to access or spot the data you need. Managers should be able to find out which application is the being used the most, which generates the best ROI and which are producing the biggest IT bottlenecks within seconds. It should be simple to compare two applications and to display these comparisons in a way which even the biggest technophobe can spot the winner.

If analysis of a company’s IT applications becomes too complicated, it sooner or later becomes a task which is put off or performed less regularly. With great analytics software, this task can be an ongoing process, meaning good decisions are made quicker and with more confidence.

Analytics software in the cloud

Cloud computing is taking over most areas of IT and there are plenty of analytics program available in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) guise as well.

With remote working schemes becoming an increasingly common part of business, it may be worth investing in this type of application management software.

This allows managers to compare their applications from any location with an internet connection. Suddenly, it becomes simpler to measure the success of applications across a range of businesses. There is software available which functions perfectly well with smartphones or tablets too. This is useful for managers who are always on the go.

There is a wide range of price tags when it comes to this type of software, but by investing in high-quality analytics software, managers can make their jobs a whole lot easier and free up plenty of time to concentrate on other areas of their work.

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