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Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tips

Social BusinessUsing social CRM (customer relationship management) has become standard for businesses. There is a good reason why. Your customers are the ones who can make or break your business. Why not use them as your consultants to help make your products or services a success?

Social CRM uses social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to engage your customers in conversations. In the course of these conversations they can share with fellow clients their ideas on using the products. Many consumers are very creative in how they use products or services. You can use these innovative ideas to your advantage and get more customers on board.

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Using social media in such a way to engage your customers is not always easy and should not be done by the uninformed. You could just as easily scare customers away and cause more harm than good if not handled properly.

Always talk with your customers, not at them. Make sure your company sounds like it is a real live person talking to them. Make them seem part of your family. You will get them to be more open with their comments and suggestions leading to much livelier and interesting posts and conversations. When someone asks a question, make sure you answer in a timely manner also. No one likes to be kept waiting. It will look like you do not care.

Use list or group features that are found on social media to segregate them into loyal customers, potential future customers, those who provide the most valuable insights or those who are influencers. However you would like to group them, do so.

Reward those customers who provide the best and most innovative or creative posts. Give them a code for a discount on next purchase and give out free samples. Use snail mail to send samples or notes of appreciation. Your customers will become even more loyal with a reward program set up.

Developing and keeping track of all this information may seem like a tall order for most companies. There is help available though. Please contact us at ILG Results and we will be glad to help you put together a social media marketing plan that will bring results.

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  • Thanks for the tips, Phil! Social CRM is a powerful tool that will definitely increase B2C social engagement. With an intelligent SCRM like GreenRope, social campaigns have become easier to create. With an SCRM platform, you will also be able to measure the metrics of the social campaign, as well as collecting customer feedback. Surveys, social media campaigns, and social media contests are just some examples of how to actively engage with any targeted demographic. Although an SCRM is a powerful engagement tool, the success of a company’s social CRM requires the full participation of their employees. From client services to the sales staff, a business must have an effective ability to communicate internally and externally.

  • Building genuine relationships with customers is the key to unlocking the potential growth of any business. Social media makes the development of these relationships both more accessible and more complicated at the same time, so choosing the right CRM platform to facilitate talking to your customers across social media outputs has become absolutely crucial. Maximizer CRM features hyperlinks to your contacts’ relevant social profiles, thus providing a wealth of new and relevant data. Combine this with the Maximizer CRM: HubSpot Connector and you get a 360 degree view all customers, ensuring that your communications are more meaningful than ever.

    Anita Holley, head of marketing EMEA, Maximizer Software

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