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Get the Most from TED Talks

Ever wonder who TED is and what exactly he’s talking about? For those unfamiliar with the nonprofit, TED works to spread ideas and enhance the technology, entertainment and design fields. Each year TED talks reach millions of people by bringing together the world’s most influential speakers and innovative thinkers. The TED organization strives to spread ideas with their global reach through the belief that people can be motivated and inspired to influence innovation and alternative ways of thinking. Presenting some of the most effective and popular speeches to date, TED speakers have less than 18 minutes to give the speech of their lives and leave people  inspired to courageously change the world, one step at a time.

With thousands of TED talks available online and conferences held annually, “ideas worth spreading” are vast. Whether you’re new to TED talks or have experienced them before, listening to the messages of the top TED talks and following what comes from TED conferences can provide the most impactful results from these motivational presentations.

Popular Ted Talks

Although each person will find meaning and purpose in different TED talks, some of the most highly rated and most viewed include subjects such as determining happiness, new inventions, how to inspire and lead and more. As all of these are available to watch online, there are also alternative ways to get the most from the presentations including condensed TED talk summaries that highlight the most important and impactful points for readers.

Some of the most highly regarded TED talks include speeches from well-known influencers such as Bill Gates while others are lesser known individuals who left a lasting impact on audiences throughout the world.

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 Choice Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce

Journalist and author of The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell compares decision making to spaghetti sauce in Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce. This may seem like a far-fetched analogy, but by comparing happiness and the nature of making choices to the development of Prego spaghetti sauces, Gladwell examines the importance of understanding that not all humans are the same and that embracing diversity plays a vital role in happiness. Taking from this the importance of understanding ones decisions and the considerations that go into this can help open up an individual’s mind to a boarder range of possibilities.

The Power of Vulnerability

Discussing the feeling of vulnerability and what scares people, Brene Brown and their approaches to dealing with it. Whether it is putting up wall to block out the negative feelings or approaching others for empathy and support, determining the need for individuals to stop worrying about what to say and how to say it. This creates a more complicated scenario and situation for those feeling vulnerable as they are likely just looking for someone to reassure and say “me too.” Brown looks at this connection between humans and what it means for both sides, helping people to understand how their actions effect loved ones and those around them.

The Key to Success? Grit

Determining that it takes approximately 10 years to develop the skill of discipline and people are not necessarily born with the qualities of being successful but instead takes time. On top of that, hard work and the drive to succeed are essential to the success of an individual. Having spent years bouncing around to different jobs in different areas Angela Lee Duckworth had compiled enough research to make the argument and leave audiences believing in the power of self-control and grit.

Make the Most

As those are just a sample of the best talks to come out of the TED organization and their influential speakers, there will be more that grab the attention of audiences and fulfill the TED mission of inspiring and changing the world, one idea at a time. The organization offers all of their talks in an online video format after conferences and presentations, yet for those looking for an easier way to get the most from TED talks without dedicating the time to watching the entire presentation there are alternatives. With options such as two-page summaries or articles that review presentations and their impact, there are many ways to reap the benefits of a TED talk without attending the event in person.

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