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What Is DISC Analysis?

Are you familiar with DISC analysis? It’s a personality assessment developed by Dr. William Moulton Marston in 1928, and it aims to classify people into four distinct personality types: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness/Compliance. Later efforts by others led to the development of personality tests that reveal which personality type you have, and to what degree. DISC analysis can be an excellent tool in the world of business, marketing and graphic design.

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DISC for business decisions

Knowing what personality type you are and what traits comprise that personality type will help you make decisions by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re a dominant personality, for example, you might know that one of your strengths is the ability to analyze situations – yet one of your weaknesses is being open to others’ opinions. Thus, you could use that information to make better business decisions by accepting others’ input, then analyzing that input.


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DISC for marketing

The next step would be to understand your customers’ personality types. You probably have customers that exhibit many combinations of DISC traits, but by analyzing your best customers you’ll likely find your highest-spenders share many of the same personality traits. That information could prove incredibly valuable, as you could then develop and deploy marketing campaigns that cater to your best customers’ personality types. Your offer, design and copy would all be geared toward motivating a specific personality type to take the next step in the purchasing process.

One of the most interesting posts I’ve recently read was on “Designing Websites for DISC Analysis” and the author, Paul Rostron, discusses how DISC analysis can help you design a better website. He also shares an awesome marketing concept he employed at one company he worked at: a different web interface for each personality type. That company was able to maximize conversions by catering to the decision-making processes of each individual personality type.


DISC for life

DISC analysis isn’t just for business; it’s a concept you can employ in every aspect of your life. From making important life decisions to managing relationships to simply understanding what you need to be happy and live a fulfilling life, DISC analysis can help.

My advice is to take a few moments to learn more about DISC analysis, then take one of the many free online DISC analysis tests to determine which personality type you are. Read the results thoroughly, then look for ways to implement what you’ve learned into your business, your career, and your life.

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