What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Logo Designed

Getting the best possible logo you can isn’t just about getting the right designer (although that does make a huge difference). In fact, there are lots of things which you can do before you even start to think about writing your brief which will put you in the best possible position for getting the best possible company logo design.

Logo design preparation


The name of your logo is vital, and there are several things to consider including:

  • Appropriateness for your industry and target market
  • Creativity (does the name spark ideas?)
  • Competition and uniqueness (is it similar to any of your competitors/ is it a unique name?)
  • SEO implications (will this name make you easy to find?)

Read more about choosing a name for your logo/company here, and choosing your domain name here.


A perfect, punchy and evocative tagline is really excellent inspiration for your designer. Just like for your end audience, the tagline is giving extra information to your designer about your brand, your voice, and your USP and this is only beneficial to the design.

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What are your brand values? What is your personality? What colours suit you? These are big questions which can have a huge impact on your logo design. A lot of the time the design process itself will really help you to focus on your brand, but the more you know to begin with the faster that process will be.

Take a look at our recent infographic.


How will you be doing your marketing (print, online?) and what sorts of goals do you want to achieve? Characters can bring a real spark to events and adverts, and strong icons are really effective for apps and social media profiles.

Are there any creative ideas that you have for your marketing? Can you weave those same ideas into your logo in any way? If you can this makes your message more powerful and memorable.


Is there an underlying concept that ties everything about your company together? A metaphor? A value? Brainstorm it. If you get it – you’re golden! You’ve hit an idea which will ignite design and marketing inspiration, strike the right chord with your audience and leave the perfect impression.

Your brief and the right designer

The best designers know the importance of getting your brief right. And while it isn’t always possible to know everything at the beginning, guidance and advice should always be available.

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Comments: 6

  • Hi Lisa, a great post which details out all the questions I would ask my clients before starting a logo or brand redesign. And I find most of the clients I work with have their own creative ideas once they start answering these questions!

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Andy, thanks for the comment! Yes it’s so important for clients to really think about what they need from the start – a bit of deep thinking goes a long way, and (as you say)a lot of the times it is the business owner themselves who will come up with the best creative ideas.

  • Khalan says:

    This is an excellent article Lisa. Many of these steps are also applicable to businesses seeking a name. If these issues are addressed during the initial name search, business owners will have a much clearer vision going into the logo design process.

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks Khalan. I agree that the initial name search is incredibly important and if a business really takes time over that choice it does make a huge difference to their brief, and their overall logo. It’s very hard for a designer to say ‘actually I’m not sure about your company name’. Some things have to come from the other side so the design works in partnership with a great underlying concept.

  • Thanks Lisa.I found a lot of great name here, http://brandroot.com/. They have brand style type names and logos with all of them so you can see what you’re getting yourself into. My buddy found his company name here, HubYub.

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