Storytelling Builds Brand Awareness and Loyalty

storytellingWith the stakes high and competition fierce, businesses are constantly looking for new and creative ways to gain the attention and trust of potential consumers.  Brands regularly throw a slew of information about products and service offerings at possible clients.  Some of this information will reel in new prospects; however, because consumers are inundated with similar information from a plethora of competitors, this fishing expedition is pretty much a hit-and-miss situation.

So what unique approach can brands use to gain the leverage necessary to outperform competitors and build brand loyalty? Social media practitioners advise brands to simply . . .  tell their story.

When brands tell their story, they’re showing consumers:  (1) where they found their inspiration, (2) how passionate the brand is about earning a consumer’s business and (3) some of the challenges the brand has experienced. This storytelling will allow potential consumers to humanize your brand.  The result?  Your brand will establish the loyalty you have been trying to garner.

So how does a brand tell its story effectively?

  • Share the challenges you faced when starting up and how you overcame them. Using videos and narration to share your real life obstacles and the possible solutions, will give your brand a humanistic appeal.
  • Let the consumer in.  Encourage employees to tell their personal tales and triumphs and what role your company may have played in assisting them through their personal challenges.
  • Remind consumers of your humble beginnings. Mark Zuckerburg and Oprah Winfrey have owned their humble beginnings and done so only to their advantage.  Both Zuckerburg  and Winfrey run multi-billion dollar corporations; however, the path to their success wasn’t easy.
  • Share with your audience exactly where you would like to see your business in the future. It‘s also a good idea to allow consumers to share opinions and ideas – let them feel included in the growth of your organization. Allowing your consumers to participate in your company’s growth process means they will inevitably have a vested interest in seeing your brand succeed.

Storytelling is a simple process that may seem a bit challenging in the beginning.   Just get started by putting one foot in front of the other and walking slowly.  Over time, you’ll notice you’re successfully running a marathon – and winning.

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