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Creating a Web Brand That Lasts Forever


Nowadays anyone with slightest idea about web’s tremendous potential to make money, starts daydreaming about creating a web brand. I was also one of the daydreamers, and thought of making the next 9gag, Smashing magazine and Groupon. The truth dawned when I finally sat to see the requisites to start and run a successful web brand. After hours and hours of research, I concluded that ‘creating a web brand is not simple’. However, by this, I don’t mean it cannot be done.

It could be done, and following are the points that I found indispensable after my thorough web research and limitless cups of coffee;

Crystal clear idea about the field you want to enter

There is simply no dearth of online businesses. Retail, news publishing, blogging, job portals, entertainment and gaming are only some of the better known ones. Daily deals and forums are my personal favorites. While there is literally no end to business categories and sub categories, it is very important that you have god’s knowledge of your concerned turf. Trying your luck with a gaming forum when the last game you played was Mario is a pretty risky thing to do. So, rule number one is to know what you muddle with.

Figure out the investment involved

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Internet may seem a free world with YouTube and Torrentz but when it comes to making money out of it, it can weigh heavy on your pocket. So, once you have narrowed down to the business you want to set up, it is time to count the pennies it is going to take. Expenditure will obviously depend on the business but there are some costs common for all. Everything from domain, hosting, staff and physical infrastructure asks for dear money. While there are some areas (like hosting) where you can save by going monthly, almost everything else asks for on-the-spot investment.

Getting your website and making it unique

A web brand can simply not exist without a website platform. There are millions of websites on web and thus establishing a brand is not a child play. Even if one only considers direct competitors, count will go to hundreds. In such a scenario, your website has to stand out. Website character, emotion, visuals, personality, logo, tone, copy, offerings and various other elements come together to make a memorable and money-spinning website. Then, there are decisions about website’s static-dynamic nature, interaction and conversion options. All in all, it takes a lot to evolve a memory worthy website.

The final verdict

While one can take care of first and second point without external help, last one asks for professional assistance. Of course if you are a seasoned web designer and developer, you can do it on your own.

Making of a web brand also asks for familiarity with website usability, business analysis, user experience and brand building. Normally, web entrepreneurs hire web services firms to assist them with such hallucinating concepts.

So, I would finish by saying that creating a web brand is serious business that asks serious efforts.

Please share what you feel about the highlighted points. Also feel free to suggest if you have some in mind.

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  1. Sandeep Thakur says:

    First point takes a lot of time and the second one turn off the money-sniffers. Overall, a good list and a great post

  2. Thank you Sandeep for the comment.
    You are quite right about money-sniffers

  3. Bhuvan says:

    Interesting post. People start with great passion about building there website a big brand but as time passes they loose it out. I think by considering these points people can plan in a systematic way.

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