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A Tagline is a Terrible Thing to Waste


A Tagline is a Terrible Thing to Waste image TaglinesBecause they have to work in many ways, good taglines are hard to write, says Branding Strategy Insider.

But a tagline is a terrible thing to waste.

A tagline must not only convey your brand’s unique value, but must do so credibly, memorably and tersely, Insider says.

The most common mistakes marketers make with taglines are:

  • Claiming something trite (for example, “excellence”)
  • Saying something catchy, but without meaning
  • Communicating only the brand’s product category
  • Touting a benefit any brand in the category must deliver
  • Making promises indistinguishable from competitors’
  • Using too many words

Insider cites these examples of crummy taglines:

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We’re Glad You’re Here (City of Chicago)
We get you there (Delta Airlines)
A good place to sit and eat (Denny’s)

And some good ones? Insider cites:

Don’t leave home without it
(American Express)
A diamond is forever
A mind is a terrible thing to waste (United Negro College Fund)
What’s your favorite tagline?

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