9 Ways to Recoup Your Brand’s Reputation After a Crisis

recoup-brand-post-crisisEditor’s Note: It’s time for another Q&A! Today’s question comes from a reader named Vidit Narang. Vidit asks:

Hi Melissa, can you please write something related to how brands can overcome damage already incurred to their brand in a crisis, by means of social media activity?

In truth Vidit, it really depends on the particular situation and the brand. However, below are some good key points to remember and focus on when trying to re-build your brand’s good name post-crisis:

  • The more honest, transparent and sincere you are with your audience, the more you will appeal to them on a human level and gain their trust and forgiveness.
  • Learn your lesson. State what you are doing to make sure that it doesn’t happen again – and then actually make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Sincerely apologize when an apology is due.
  • When in doubt, always remember to focus on building a relationship with your market. Well-established relationships go a long way in and out of a crisis.
  • Be careful about what marketing messages and campaigns you launch during and immediately after the crisis.

Always remember: The best way to recoup your brand after a crisis is to have managed the crisis effectively when it was taking place. This means:

  • Not ignoring the crisis in hopes that it will go away
  • Responding to the public’s inquiries and demands for updates in real-time, with an understanding and sympathetic tone, while being as open and honest as you possibly can
  • Put the victims of the crisis and the public first.
  • Be real. Be human. Be sincere. Be honest. Be understanding. Be current. Be reliable. Be apologetic.

Do you have a social media crisis or online reputation management-related question that you’d like me to answer via a thorough blog post? If so, send it over!

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