5 Awesome Branding Tips to Boost Your Revenue

Branding. You have heard of it but do you really know what it means for your business? To set the record straight, branding is not your logo, website or product. Branding is more of customer perception about the whole aspect of your business; from your products, how you interact with your market and what they think of your operations. Today, let’s look at five branding tips that can help you build a loyal customer base and boost your revenue.

Identify your audience

Understanding who your target customers are is crucial to developing content that will be valuable to them. To know how to approach your prospects, research to understand the common problems they face and the realms they participate in.

Research the keywords that people use to search for your service or product and employ a listening strategy. What are your blog visitors and social media followers saying about various issues in your industry? It’s amazing how much you can learn about your market simply by listening.

Stand out in your industry

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Stand out in your niche or industry by producing content that highlights your expertise. Your content should make prospects conclude that you can solve a problem they have in a better way than anyone else in your industry.

Monitor your content to gauge whether or not you are giving readers what they want. You can measure the impact of your content by checking the number of Facebook likes, comments and social media shares. You can also ask your prospects for suggestions on what type of content they prefer.

Provide compelling content consistently

Content shapes brands. Creating consistent content and adopting a defined voice throughout your media channels is crucial to making consumers continually recognize and recall your brand. Your market should guide you on the tone to adopt. B2B businesses are better off sticking to formal voice while B2C and C2C businesses can experiment with both formal and informal voices.

To improve brand awareness and dominate your industry, your content has to show up multiple times in a few places. Identify the major channels through which your market consumes content and provide your content there. Be consistent with your messaging across all the channels that you want to reach prospects through.

Use social media

Unless your company is Apple, social media should be part of your branding strategy. Social media can no longer be ignored by businesses as a lead generation channel. Find out which social media sites your target customers prefer and follow them there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + are some of the top social media sites to find customers.

Use a custom URL that is easy to remember for your social media accounts. Custom URLs are also great for sharing links because visitors automatically know where the links lead to. Social media lead nurturing is a two-way conversation. Create a conversation with your target market and listen to build trust and warm them up for sales.

Be the brand

Become a recognizable and sought-after brand with its own personality. Connect with other players in your industry, build alliances or cooperate in projects. Reach other players in your niche with guest posting requests. You will be doing them a favor by creating quality content for their audience and at the same time tap on their traffic back to your blog through author bio links. Networking will establish you as one of the formidable players in your industry.

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