Indispensable Leadership Wisdom I Wish I Had Early in My Career

The Leader's Pocket GuideEvery once in a while a book comes along full of leadership wisdom that I wish I had access to early in my career. John Baldoni’s new book, “The Leader’s Pocket Guide: 101 Indispensable Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Any Situation” is one such book.

While it’s relevant to leaders at every level and stage of their career, I see this book being exceptionally valuable to Gen Y and leaders who are just beginning to take on leadership roles and responsibility. The reason? Early in one’s leadership experience it’s difficult to digest all the leadership wisdom that is available, so much must come through experience alone. But John does a brilliant job of sharing valuable wisdom in small bites, with critically important insight thrown in. For example:

  • “If your boss is a bully, do not do anything without permission. Doing otherwise could jeopardize your career.”
  • “Nothing will ever improve unless you make a decision to act.”
  • “Saying ‘it’s not my job’ is a lame excuse…It sends the signal that you hold yourself above others. That is not only a failure of leadership, it is a lack of executive competency.”
  • “Too much confidence is a toxic cocktail, one that can lead to the very long hangover we call hubris.”
  • “Use passion as a lever to help individuals and teams do their jobs better.”

Additionally, I love how his chapters are “short, sweet, and to the point” and cover such universal leadership wisdom as:

  • Put principle over policy
  • Avoid Micromanaging Anything
  • Deliver a Reason to be Urgent
  • Hire for Character and Integrity

Finally, John has a series of chapters that guide leaders through important questions they should be asking themselves:

  • What Are You Doing to Add Value?
  • Are Your Employees Listening?

As well as chapters with practical, imperative advice, including:

  • Managing When You Cannot Disclose Information
  • How to Inspire Others
  • Let Your Face Show You Are in Charge

The Leader’s Pocket Guide is a must-have for every leader and budding-leader who would value a go-to resource to help them in any leadership predicament. It’s like having your own personal leadership mentor or advisor in your pocket!

I can only wonder how it would have changed my leadership experiences if I’d had this wisdom years ago!


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