How Do You Promote Your Book On Twitter?

This is a good question.

Some advice will tell you to send your info in direct message, so they are sure to see it.

Um, no. That’s the equivalent of shoving a handful of brochures into someone’s face.

Some say to @ mention your book information so people are forced to see it.

Um, no. This is like shoving a handful of brochures in someone’s face while having Bubba, fresh out on parole, hold open their eyelids.

Some say to repeat your posts several times an hour for those who have active streams and may not see your post.

Um, no. What about the people who don’t have active streams? Well, now they do–and it’s all your message, over and over and over. . .

New authors, eager to roll up their sleeves and get into this marketing thing, often make these mistakes. They mean well, but unfortunately this can get them banned from social network sites. Even worse, their potential readers will hate them.

While it might seem like a great idea to @ mention and DM and shout out the book every twenty minutes, this is now in the ranks of Viagra and hair loss e-mails.

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Yes, I know they don’t mean to be a spammer, but that’s what this is and there’s nothing they can do to change the perception of it.

What they–you–can do, though, is learn better ways to get your word out.

And here’s the funny. . .

It involves next to nothing with your book.

Twitter is a social network. The keyword here is “social”.

What you should be doing, then, is socializing–constructively. The fun part about your book is that the people who will probably be interested in it, are people who you would probably be friends with anyway. Or, at the very least, have something to talk about with them.

Figure out your audience. What genre(s) would they like? What other specific titles?

Now find them and—socialize. Say hello, check out their blog, ask them questions. You know how when you meet someone in real life, you shake their hand? Say “pleased to meet you”? Ask how they’re doing?

Even though the environment has changed, the social conduct is the same.

Well, except you can be in your pajamas while on Twitter.

What you are really wanting to do is connect with readers, not shove virtual brochures in their face.

So, take a breath from the sell-sell-sell and try to connect-connect-connect. When you catch someone’s interest, they will click over to your website all on their own.

Mostly. You do need to make your link visible. Make sure it’s listed on your Twitter profile. Make sure when you have a new post or something interesting to announce, you actually announce it. Don’t go the opposite of utilizing Bubba’s thumbs, and not show off your book at all. That doesn’t do anyone any good.

But the difference is “talking about your book” and “selling your book”. You can talk about it. Stop trying to sell it.

What Twitter tactics have you found work the best for you?

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