Authors Need to Find and Use Their Muse

Last month, I spent several days barrier island off the Gulf—Palm Island. I knew that snow was expected at my home base in Denver. Happy that the wet stuff was coming because we needed it; and very happy that I was not there.


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I need sun...and flowing water. Both are my muses with water being the primary. Ice isn’t. I had major writing, and thinking—noodling to do. Another book in the works. A major book launch popping this month.

Oh, I’m playing, it’s not all work. But I’m also creating, and working. I’ve got my personal book launch for Author YOU: Creating and Building the Author and Book Platforms slated for the end of this month; I’ve got my personal coach for the book launch, Georgia McCabe at my side who is tuned into my Muse and makes sure its presence is felt, seen and heard. I’ve got many clients who are in the final stages of their books being completed and off to print; I’ve got clients who are at various stages of their author journies ; and I’ve got the Author U Extravaganza bubbling to the surface for the first weekend in May. Yes, I’ve got a lot on my plate.

Juice is what I need. My Muse is the juice. For the author, it’s critical to know where your creative juices come from. It’s critical to know what your sources are that jumpstart you for any project that needs your full focus. In today’s multi-media, multi-stimulus, multi-choice, it’s easy to get off track—the “squirrel factor.” Wham … in a nano-second, your attention can be distracted, your head pulled in an entirely different direction—it’s as if something, sometimes someone, is clicking a remote control in your head—pulling you every which way but in the direction you thought, or wanted, to go in.
The warrior author needs, must, know what is the driver behind his or her energy and feed it—the Juice. When it’s nourished, amazing things are accomplished. Completion of client’s book. A book launch planned and executed. Joint ventures with others to spread your message. Marketing plan put in place. My own new book started. Etc., etc.

Back to my island. Did I get the game plan all together for my book launch? Yes. Did I come up with something that I hadn’t even thought about while my toes were in the sand and I was walking the beach looking for shark teeth (something I hadn’t even thought about until I was at the water’s edge? Yes—with Georgia’s “goose”, we came up with a sweepstakes for some lucky winner that will walk away with $6,000 in fantastic prizes, including $1,000 off a printing job, a Facebook make-over; an eBook publicity blitz, a book cover design, an eBook layout and much more—this is in addition to all the other “gifts” that have been gathered to give to each person who buys my book. It will be called the Author YOU Cha-Cha-Cha Sweepstakes. I was so focused, that I succeeded in putting the entire thing together in one hour—at least in idea, who all the gifts would come from and got emails out to each, asking the would be “gifters” if they would give. Each said yes. Was there more work? Yes again; but the core was put together quickly–

My muse surrounded me, as if I had a sea of cheerleaders streaming out of ocean in front of me. How cool is that? All authors need their Juice. Their Muse. What’s yours?

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