5 Ways Self-Published Authors Can Promote Their Book and Boost Sales

You’ve written a fantastic book, at least in your eyes. You even uploaded it to Amazon. But now no one’s buying it. How can you, a self-published author, drive traffic to that Amazon page and sell more books?

Here are 5 easy ways you can promote your own book, without breaking the bank.

  1. Get Reviews. Reviews are one of the best ways to increase your book’s rank and make it more visible on Amazon. If a reader downloads the Kindle book, there’s an option to review it at the end. But don’t sit around and wait for readers to review it. There are groups on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn for authors who will review one another’s books. Join these, participate, and ask for reviews. You’ll need to give away copies of your book to get them.


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  • Share Socially. Twitter and Facebook are great places to tell the world about your book, but only if you’re being followed by people who care about it. For example, if you’ve written a romance novel, but only graphic design people follow you, they may or may not be interested in buying your book.Start following people who are already talking about your genre or subject matter. Share snippets of your book, provide tips from it, and offer discounts on the book. Just don’t overload your social updates talking only about your book, or you’ll alienate folks.
  • Fill Out Your Amazon Profile Fully. Look at the bestselling books in your category, and see how their book descriptions are filled out. Mimic the structure. Break up the paragraphs and use bullets to attract the eye. Set up an account at Author Central to manage your book titles and add more copy to your listing.
  • Set Up a Web Page. Amazon doesn’t have to be the only place you find readers. Create a website for your book and provide plenty of reasons for people to visit it. Start a blog on topics that relate to your book (ideal for business books) or that talk about your writing process. Provide free chapters, interviews, and videos to enhance your site. Then link to your Amazon page so that people will buy the book.
  • Go on a Blog Tour. There are bloggers who love reviewing books out there. Connect with them, send them a copy of your book, and ask them to write it up on their blog. This helps you reach a wider audience and get your name out there. And the more places your name and book are found, the more people will buy it!


When you’re not a marketer, it can be a challenge to consistently promote your book. But with a little ongoing effort, over time, you’ll see an increase in sales and ranking on Amazon.

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