Writing With Personality for a Business Blog

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  • Great post, Jackson – agree with everything you say.

    There’s an article on my site which goes into more depth about how to use humor in business writing generally, which your readers might find helpful as additional reading http://howtowritebetter.net/humor-do-laughs-belong-in-your-business-writing/

    Would you like to guest blog for me some time? Have a look at my site and see what you think. It’s a PR3, 1,000 to 1,500 visits per day.

    Great to see you doing so well in your career!

    Sz xx

  • Hi Suzie,

    Great to hear from you, hope you are well and thanks for the comment!

    Love the site so yes I’d really like to guest post for you at some point, what sort of topic would you be looking for?

    Currently I write mainly about social media, blogging and content and SEO-type things mainly.

    I’ll give you my work email as I have it open all day! It’s jackson@siliconbeachtraining.co.uk – drop me a message and we can sort something out!


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