Why Outsourcing a Blogger is a Smart Business Move

There are two major hindrances that halt business owners from writing their own bogs: the time and know-how. Even entrepreneurs who prefer to handle their own content marketing are outsourcing bloggers to help them handle their efforts; they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves, nor do they know what to do when it comes to writing. A good business blog isn’t simply an informative written piece about the product or services. Rather, it is a well-written, original, creative piece that captures its viewers and motivates them to contact the businesses. Furthermore, it will contain Google Adwords, links, and key words to help with SEO. But there is more to it still: any GOOD blogger will have the skill to build and manage a business’s social media marketing platform and its online reputation.

If a business owner has the time to do ALL of this him self, then chances are pretty good that his business is struggling. But whether a business is struggling or making ongoing profits, just let a professional take on the task. But how does one hire a true professional blogger who can help with online marketing? This article will offer some assistance, as well as delve into the finer details of the services that your blogger should provide you with.

Take your pick from the middle ground

Outsourcing a marketing professional from a smaller boutique company versus contracting with larger firms will offer the client far more for much less. The client will receive greater personalized attention and save huge on costs if hiring a surrogate strategists.


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We have all heard the popular phrase “content is king”, but this statement in itself is very vague. There are several factors one must have set in place in order to have content that is indeed “king” above all others. These include the following:

  • Well-written content that is aimed for your target audience
  • Use of strategic key words for SEO efforts
  • Link building that plays within the parameters to Google’s new strict guidelines
  • Social media management to get your content out in front of as many eyes as possible.

An experienced and educated writer with a background in marketing who will be able to offer clients original, creative and captivating content that entices online viewers to keep reading. Meanwhile it offers useful information that will motivate them to seek that business for its products and services. The craft of writing for the purpose of content marketing is both an art and a science. In order to get professional results, businesses must outsource a professional writer.

Social media marketing done right

Though Facebook and Twitter are the staple food groups of social media nourishment, a good marketing expert will know how to use other resources that cover the bases that Facebook and Twitter are unable to fulfill. Furthermore, your marketing professional will know what platforms are increasing in popularity, why they are working well for others, how they can work well for a specific client, and how to integrate them all together. For example, Pinterest started out as a type of “online scrap-booking” platform for the “house wife” sorts to make collages of recipes and decorating ideas. However, online marketers got wise and now Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform being embraced by small businesses. There are certain “tricks of the trade” to make this site work for business growth, and any blogging or marketing service outsourced by a client should be prepared to integrate this platform into the marketing strategy, as well as many others that are often over looked in this massive industry.

Outsource wisely

Due to the newness of social media marketing, many individuals will proclaim themselves to be experts in the field when, in fact, they are not. In an article by Business Week the importance of hiring a true professional is expressed: “Becoming a blogger or social media manager isn’t as simple as just proclaiming expertise based on some past ad campaign or articles written for a journal. A whole new skill set has to be shown that proves the ability to engage people while building trust for the brand”.

Start doing some online research, and reach out to a few professional boutique content-marketing businesses. When contacting a company that produces blogs for businesses one must be sure to ask for a resume, and interview that company for the job. After all, your business is in their hands.

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