Where Are You in Your Blogging Journey?

We’re going down a different road on this post. With most posts, and I think this goes for most that blog, we try to provide a solution to a Blogging Journeyproblem or present a more efficient way to get results. In this post, together with the ensuing comments I want hone in on your blogging journey and experience. The latest research of number of blogs in existence was compiled in March of 2012 by NM Incite where 181 million blogs were tracked. I think we can safely say the number of blogs has eclipsed 200 million as of today.

Blogging is extremely challenging, contrary to what you might see out there about getting your blog up in five minutes, giving the impression that it’s a breeze. The reasons vary, but time, lack of traffic, short on passion, and lacking self-confidence are some of the leaders. Hopefully each of you can share a little bit about your blogging journey. Let’s learn from each other and improve.

Justin Hall is highly regarded as one of the pioneers of blogging. He started a web-based diary in 1994 while at Swarthmore College. If we use that as the starting line, blogging starts its 19th year.

WordPress.com one of most popular CMS (Content Management System) crossed 60 million sites today. This only includes WordPress.com sites and not self-hosted. This gives you an idea of the sheer mass.

WordPress SItes 2013

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When did you start Blogging?

Are you a new to the world of blogging or are you a veteran? So many blogs start out with good intentions and high hopes only to be vacated unceremoniously. Let’s hear about how you started, and what your blog is about.

Have you been a consistent blogger?

Blogging is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of dedication to do it well and consistently. Did you publish 100+posts last year? Was the frequency balanced over the 12 months? How many posts have you published in your lifetime?

How much time do you spend on blogging per week?

Blogging entails writing, research, SEO, and promotion through social networks. That’s just part of the process, but you and I know it takes a great deal of time. It’s a lot of work, but it doesn’t feel like work if you love doing it every day.

What are your challenges with blogging?

What are your challenges: Lack of time, trouble creating content, building a subscriber list, spending time on social, SEO, working on the back end, or getting traffic to your site? Yes, there are more, but at least one of those is probably a challenge for most.

Are you making a living online?

Is blogging directly or indirectly paying your bills? I’m really interested to see how many of you have been able to build a business where blogging is in an integral part of your plan.

Where do you see the world of Blogging five years from now?

Can this growth be sustained? Will there be over 400 million blogs in 2018? What does the future hold for bloggers? Is blogging a High School kid or a Senior Citizen?

I’ll start with my blogging and online history to get the comments started. I guess I’ve done things backwards. I started on LinkedIn in April 2007, now approaching 6 years. In April of 2009 I joined Twitter. I guess there is something about April. The last two years, I don’t think I’ve missed a day on Social Media. Most of you probably started your online business with a blog and spent most of your time building that while social media was in the background.

This blog was started in October 2011 as an extension to my social media presence. It started as a casual thing where I would post occasionally, but very far from consistent. With my blogs and contributing to other sites, I’ve published about 70 posts. Certainly not enough. In November, just three months ago, I got focused on the blog. I realize traffic is only a portion of the equation, but the increase has been promising. This month’s traffic will exceed 16K unique visitors. I’m not making a living, yet. I have zero doubt that I will by continuing to help others, through using smarts and being innovated, working hard, and a passion that allows me to work on it 14 hours straight with a smile on my face.

I would love to hear about your experience with blogging. A few sentences would be valuable to all readers, and very much appreciated.

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